Student Conduct Code

The purpose of the University of Hawaiʻi is to pursue knowledge through teaching, learning, and research in an atmosphere of physical and intellectual freedom. In order to fulfill this purpose, members of the academic community on all campuses engage in teaching, learning, research, and service and assist one another in the creation and maintenance of an environment that supports these activities.

Members of the academic community may not violate the rights of one another nor disrupt the basic activities of the University. Students who are disruptive are subject to a variety of academically related penalties that may include reprimand and probation, restitution, suspension for a specified period of time, or expulsion.

Members of the academic community have the same privileges and responsibilities with respect to the law, as do members of our society. In addition, they must also adhere to the University's special interests that are reflected in its policies and regulations and are addressed herein. These special interests are embodied in the unique purpose of the University and are essential for its institutional well-being and day-to-day functioning.

Therefore, in accordance with the "Statement on Rights and Responsibilities of the University of Hawaiʻi Community" adopted by the *Board of Regents on June 4, 1971 as Administrative Rule Chapter 21-2, the following student conduct code and hearing procedures are adopted by Honolulu Community College.

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