Science 122 Lab: Retrograde


Laboratory 2: Retrograde Motion

Retrograde Graph, Excel Instructions

1. Use the data converted to decimal from the web page. Copy from the web page and paste into a blank Excel spreadsheet.

2. Select the two columns of data including the headers, R.A and DEC.

3. Select "Insert/chart" from the menu bar.

4. Select "X -Y scatter" and click in the second icon in the first column (data points connected by smoothed lines).

5. Click "next"

6. Click "next" again

7. Enter "Mars Retrograde" as chart title.

8. Click "Finish"

9. Change the scale of DEC axis:

9.1. On the chart, double-click on the vertical (DEC) axis.
9.2. click on the 'scale' tab
9.3. set:

minimum '16'
maximum '23'
major unit '1'
minor unit '0.166666667'

9.4 click "OK"

10. Change scale and direction of RA axis;

10.1. double click horizontal (RA) axis
10.2. click on the 'scale' tab
10.3. set:

minimum '8'
maximum '10'
major unit '0.5'
minor unit '0.166666667'

10.4. click "values in reverse order" box
10.5 click "OK"

11. Add 'minor' grid lines and remove legend

11.1 Click anywhere in the white area of the chart
11.2 Click on "Chart Options" in the menu
11.2 Click on the 'Gridlines' tab
11.3 Click to check all of the boxes
11.4 Click on the 'Legend' tab
11.5 Click in the 'Show legend' box to uncheck it
11.6 Click "OK"

This will not allow you to print the indicated dates from table 1 on the graph. To add the dates, use the 'drawing' toolbar:

  1. click on 'view' in the menu bar
  2. select 'toolbar' and 'draw'
  3. click on the text tool
  4. place cursor where you want text to be
  5. type the date
  6. repeat 4 & 5 for other dates

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