Due Dates for Assignments

Fall 2014

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Below is a table of suggested dates for assignments. See the syllabus for details.

Broadcast schedule is here.

Labs page is here

Lab dates are in green, exam dates are in red, required dates are in black

Day Date                          Item
Monday 22-Sep Lab 2: Retrograde
Monday 22-Sep Exam 1
Wednesday 8-Oct Lab 3: Graphs
Saturday 18-Oct Exam 2
Friday 24-Oct Lab 4: Describing Motion
Sunday 9-Nov Lab 5: Measurements
Wednesday 12-Nov Exam 3
Tuesday 25-Nov Lab 6: Kinematics
Thursday 11-Dec Lab 1 Astronomy
Thursday 11-Dec Last Day Exams 1-3 and Labs will be accepted
Monday 15-Dec Exam 4
Wednesday 17-Dec Last Day Exam 4 will be accepted


Last Update 07-24-14
By Richard Brill