Mission Statement & Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Honolulu Community College serves the community, the city, the state of Hawai`i, and the Pacific region as an affordable, flexible, learning-centered, open-door, comprehensive community college. Honolulu CC meets the evolving post-secondary educational needs of individuals, businesses, and the state by:

  • Offering high quality courses and programs in the liberal arts and career and technical fields;
  • Maintaining unique educational partnerships with state-registered apprenticeship programs in diverse career fields;
  • Supporting the Hawaiian community and its language, history, and culture;
  • Delivering continuing education and training to meet the demand for a competitive workforce; and,
  • Providing diverse educational opportunities for personal enrichment.

As a learning-centered, open-door college, Honolulu CC, is committed to providing the academic and student support to assist students as they progress through their respective courses and programs, and to facilitate the important work of campus faculty and staff . The college will acknowledge, promote, and maintain a multicultural environment where gender diversity and other aspects of personal identity are appreciated and respected.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Honolulu Community College defines the following six core competencies as its Institutional Learning Outcomes:

  • Critical Thinking - Effectively analyze arguments, assumptions, and problems and draw conclusions.
  • Information Literacy - Form strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information, and know the ethical and legal issues surrounding information and information technology.
  • Effective Communication - Actively express and exchange ideas through listening, speaking, reading, writing, and other modes of interpersonal expression.
  • Quantitative Reasoning - Effectively analyze numerical data, solve quantitative problems, and apply mathematical concepts.
  • Career Preparation - Demonstrate knowledge and skills to successfully move to a baccalaureate education or selected vocation.
  • Community Awareness and Social Responsibility - Demonstrate and apply an understanding of moral and ethical issues that pertain to the environment, social justice, and cultural diversity.