Graduation Application Process

Please follow these instructions to apply for your Graduation Certificate or Degree.

  1. Complete the applicable form. These forms are available at the Records counter (first floor of Building 6) or here in Portable Document Format (.pdf). There are 2 different forms so be sure you complete and submit the proper form.
    • Use the Application for Graduation form if you are applying for any of the following awards:
      • Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
      • Associate of Arts (AA)
      • Associate of Science (AS)
      • Certificate of Achievement (CA)
      • Advanced Professional Certificate (APC)
      • Academic Subject Certificate (ASC)
    • Use the Request for Certificate of Completion or Competence form if you are applying for any of the following awards:
      • Certificate of Completion
      • Certificate of Competence
      • Child Development Associate
  2. Submit the following 2 items at the Cashier’s Office located on the first floor of Building 6.
    • Application Form
    • $15 Graduation Application Fee (There are additional fees if you are applying for multiple Degrees or Certificates.)


  • Before submitting your completed Application Form at the Cashier’s Office, stop by the Records counter to have their staff look at your form to ensure it was completed properly. Improperly completed forms will delay the amount of time it takes to process your application.
  • Be aware that there are Application deadlines in order to be granted your Degree or Certificate in a particular semester. In general, the Fall semester deadline is October 15th and the Spring semester deadline is March 15th. (For example, if you believe you will have completed all of the Graduation requirements for your Degree or Certificate by the end of the Fall semester, then you would apply for Graduation in that Fall semester and your application would need to be submitted before October 15th.)
  • If you have questions regarding the Graduation Application process, please contact the Honolulu CC Records Office at (808) 845-9120.