FIRE Program FAQ

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1. Will the FIRE program prepare you for a fire-fighting career?

2. What are the requirements to qualify for Federal Fire Department Student Career Experience Program (FFD SCEP) with the new FIRE 2008-09 program?

3. Is it possible to get FIRE college credits if you are working in a FIRE work related experience while in the FIRE program?

4. Where can you look for fire fighting employment opportunities in Hawaiʻi?

5. Does Honolulu Community College offer classes that prepare applicants to take the Fire Fighter recruit exams?

6. Is there anything unique about the FIRE courses?

7. When are the FIRE classes offered?

8. What courses should you take in your first semester in the program if you meet the program prerequisites of placement in ENG 100 and MATH 24/50/53?

9. What if you do not meet the program prerequisites of placement in ENG 100 and MATH 24/50/53 and would like to begin the program?

10. As a student with a full time day time job, are there evening options for courses such as FIRE 103, CHEM 105 and PHYS 51?

11. As a distance education (DE) student, are there DE options for courses such as FIRE 103, FIRE 207, CHEM 105, MATH 50 and PHYS 51?

12. Do you have to select the program year now that you are following if you are eligible to follow the 2007 - 08 or earlier programs?

13. Could FIRE 101 be used for FIRE 100 for the new program?

14. Could Fire 203 be used for FIRE 207 for the new program?

15. Will you be able to use college courses, Advanced Placement (AP) scores or CLEP scores for the FIRE degree?

16. Will you be able to use fire fighter experience or training for the FIRE degree?

17. Will you be able to use your experience or training as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or as a Paramedic toward the FIRE degree?

18. What general education substitutions are typically accepted?

19. Will you be notified of changes to the FIRE program?

20. What is the status of the 2010 FFD SCEP Recruitment, December 10, 2009?

21. What concerns do students have about the FFD SCEP Guidelines?

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