DE Health Services

Welcome! Distance Education students are very much a part of our campus community. Although distance education students may never step foot on our campus, we welcome the opportunity to confer and assist with health educational information or referrals.

Contact us! We prefer being contacted by phone at 808-845-9282 (voice/text). Emails to are also welcome, however replies may take 1-2 business days depending on the nature of the question/concern.

Non-Emergency Information & Referrals

Most of the resource information contained within the Health Office webpages are for situations of a non-emergent nature, unless otherwise indicated. Situations in which a health condition is seriously or rapidly worsening should warrant immediate medical attention by a physician. Call 911 or your designated emergency number for emergency medical care. It is equally important to follow through with instructions and medications/treatments provided by the medical professional who cared for you initially. This may also include follow-up care with another health care provider to ensure satisfactory progress of your condition.

Most information and referrals to health care providers and organizations tend to be on the island of Oʻahu or are nationally known websites that provide health education. We welcome your phone call should you have additional questions or concerns that are not addressed here.


Please check out these Health Office webpage sections that might be of interest to DE students:

Announcements & Upcoming Events - Keep up-to-date with Health Office activities and information.

Flu Shot Information - Stay healthy! Helpful links to acquire more information on the care and prevention of the flu.

Health Education - Convenient health and safety links and more that might be helpful.

Student Medical Insurance - As a part-time (6 credits per Fall or Spring semester; 3 credits for Summer semester), you may qualify to enroll in student medical insurance.

Referrals - Scroll down Medical Care page and check out section listed as "Referrals" for more information on low-cost clinics, health and dental insurance providers and after hours care on Oʻahu.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities - Learn more of what the expectations are of being a patient of the Honolulu CC Health Office.

Health Record - More on how information is treated regarding hard copy health clearance records, soft copy health clearance and emergency information on Banner (student information system), accident or incident reports, Health Office records, disability documentation, and referrals and related records.