Liberal Arts

Brief Program Description/Goals

Lower division courses are offered to meet the University of Hawai‘i general education requirements, which are similar to the requirements of many other four-year colleges or universities. The College also provides lower division courses for many arts and science majors as well as courses to meet pre-professional requirements (College of Business, College of Education, School of Social Work, etc.)

What Is Unique About The Program

Students whose high school experiences do not satisfy four-year college and university entrance requirements have an opportunity to complete the first two years of college and transfer to a college or university of their choice.

Degrees That Can Be Earned
Itemized Estimate of Educational Costs
  • Tuition based on first semester classes.
  • Books approximately $200-$300 per semester.

The student will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively by means of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in varied situations, understanding basic quantitative information (mathematical skills), and writing in varied situations.
  • Apply symbolic reasoning skills to solve problems, evaluate arguments and chains of reasoning, and interpret information.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the life processes, individual development, thinking process, and behavior as well as an understanding of the natural environment of the planet and the universe in which we are situated and learn to utilize natural resources without damaging the environment.
  • Demonstrate a comprehension and skill with research methods and scientific inquiry.
  • Display knowledge of different groups and organizations in societies and respect for varied cultural values.
  • Demonstrate a greater ethical understanding and reasoning ability about contemporary ethical issues.
  • Identify and articulate in a reasoned manner the roots and causal basis of contemporary issues.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of one or more art forms and the role that the Arts play in history and culture.