Pre-Registration Checklist

Do you have a UH username?
Did you complete your COMPASS Testing?
Have you turned in your health clearances?
Do you have any holds on your account other than the academic hold?
Have you determined how many classes you are planning on taking?
Have you already thought about scheduling your time?
Are you familiar with some of the terminology used for registration such as prerequisite and corequisite?
Have you applied for Financial Aid and thought about how you will be paying for your courses?
Have you visited our website?

We are excited to welcome you to our campus and look forward to seeing you at a registration session soon! To complete the orientation process, please login, complete the orientation quiz, and sign-up for a registration session.

Complete Orientation & Sign Up For a Registration Session

Registration Refresher

For continuing students, if you encounter difficulties with registering, it is helpful to reference back to information and steps regarding the registration process presented through the MyUH website.