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Resident Tuition $106 per credit $114 per credit
Non-Resident Tuition $304 per credit $316 per credit

All students are eligible for Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Founded: 1920 as the Territorial Trade School in Palama

Campus: Main campus near downtown Honolulu in walking distance to Costco Iwilei with aviation facilities near Honolulu International and Kalaeloa Airports, automotive and heavy equipment shops on Kokea Street and the Marine Education and Training Center at Sand Island.

Enrollment: Approximately 4,500 credit students and 2,000 apprentice students.

Demographics: 63.9% male, 36.1% female

Programs Offered: 49 program offerings, 26 associate degrees, 23 certificates

Diversity: 34% Asian, 30% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 12% Mixed, 9% Caucasian, 15% Other

Student/Faculty Ratio: 16:1


College Terminology


Pre-requisite? Recommended? Add/Drop? What do these words mean? If you're asking these questions, don't fret you are not alone! Part of the college experience is learning how to "speak college". Below are words that you will need to be familiar with. Understanding how the words below are related to your academic success can help you attain your educational goals.


Academic Counselor: Faculty who can provide information and assistance on academic concerns.

Academic Probation: Failure to maintain a GPA of a 2.0. Students on academic probation are allowed to remain at the college with the understanding that earn and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 each semester until they reach good standing.

Academic Suspension: Students on academic probation and who fail to meet the minimum grade point average of 2.0 are placed on academic suspension. Students on academic suspension will be asked to "sit out" in the following semester. Students on academic suspension will need to re-apply for admissions and complete the appeal process to register for the semester after the semester they were asked to "sit out".

Add/Drop: The process of changing your course schedule by dropping or adding a course during the registration period at the beginning of the semester.

Co-requisite: A course required to be taken together with another course.

Credit: 1 credit is equal to approximately 1 hour of classroom time per week. Most courses are 3 credits.

Credit Hour: One credit hour is usually one hour of class time per week.

Degree Program: A planned program of study leading to an associate's degree.

Full Time Student: An undergraduate student who registers for a minimum of 12 credits.

Good Standing: Maintaining a minimum Grade Point Average of a 2.0 each semester.

Grade Point Average: A numerical value that represents a student's academic achievement, computed by dividing the total grade points by the total credit hours attempted.

Grade Point: The numerical value given to letter grades, based on an "A" receiving four points a "B" three points, a "C" two points, and a "D" receiving one point.

Prerequisite: A course that must be taken prior to registering for another course. An English or Math placement score that is needed to be attained before a course can be taken.

Recommended: A suggested course or English or Math placement score that may assist you in being successful in the course you wish to take.

Registration: The process of enrolling in and paying for courses each semester

Semester: A unit of time that is usually 16 weeks in length.

Part Time Student: An undergraduate student who registers for less than 12 credits.


Aloha and Welcome to Honolulu Community College's Online Orientation. Our campus has many services and resources to help you make the most of your academic experience. We invite you to explore all that our campus has to offer, and look forward to welcoming you to our 'Ohana. Our orientation process is designed to give you an overview of our campus, our services, and important areas that will help you succeed as a student on our campus. You may refer to this page throughout your academic career at Honolulu Community College.

MyUH Portal

MyUH Portal is the official communication system of the University of Hawaii campuses. It is important that you familiarize yourself with MyUH Portal as it allows you access to email, check grades, view holds, do web registration, account balances, access STAR degree check, and receive important university announcements. Please be sure to check your email account frequently, as all official communications will be emailed via that account.

COMPASS Placement Test

The COMPASS Placement Test is an important part of your enrollment process. Test scores are used to determine the level of English and Math you are prepared to enter. It is very important to take this test seriously.

Introduction to Campus Life & Services

Our campus offers many services for you to utilize. From tutoring to campus life, we are sure that we offer programs and assistance to suit your needs.

Looking for something?

As a student on our campus it is important that you also familiarize yourself with the Student Conduct Code.

Introduction to Majors/Programs of Study

Upon applying to Honolulu CC you probably declared a major. If you are planning on changing your major, please do so PRIOR to registering for your first classes. If you've already begun the registration process, you will need to fill-out a Change of Major Form [PDF].

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