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Honolulu Community College

Academic Counseling


Academic Counseling Updates regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thank you for your perseverance and patience through this increasingly difficult time with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 health crisis.

We will be providing updates regarding Academic Counseling services on this website, however please visit the University of Hawaii’s COVID-19 updates page for the most up-to-date information on this subject.

Need to see an Academic Counselor?

You can now book an appointment with an Academic Counselor through STAR Balance. Currently we are encouraging either phone or video conferencing appointments (via Zoom).

For assistance with booking an advising appointment on STAR Balance, please contact our office via email at or phone, (808) 845-9162. 

Program Counselors

Liberal Arts (LBRT)Jean Maslowski, (808) 845-9278
Nicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Administration of Justice (AJ) Drake Zintgraff, (808) 845-9218
Aeronautics Maintenance Technology (AERO) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Applied Trades (APTR) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Architectural, Engineering, & CAD Technologies (AEC) Drake Zintgraff, (808) 845-9218
Auto Body Repair & Painting (ABRP) Drake Zintgraff, (808) 845-9218
Automotive Technology (AMT) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Carpentry Technology (CARP) Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228
Communication Arts (CA) Drake Zintgraff, (808) 845-9218
Computing, Security, and Networking Technology (CSNT) Melodee Kawano, (808) 845-9177
Cosmetology (COSM) Erica Balbag-Gerard, (808) 845-9401
Diesel Mechanics Technology (DISL) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Early Childhood Education (ECED) Melodee Kawano, (808) 845-9177
Electrical Installation & Maintenance Technology (EIMT) Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228
Fashion Technology (FT) Erica Balbag-Gerard, (808) 845-9401
Fire & Environmental Emergency Response (FIRE) Drake Zintgraff, (808) 845-9218
Hawaiian Studies (HWST) Jean Maslowski, (808) 845-9278
Nicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Human Services (HSER) Melodee Kawano , (808) 845-9177
Music & Entertainment Learning Experience (MELE) Erica Balbag-Gerard, (808) 845-9401
Natural Sciences (NS)Jean Maslowski, (808) 845-9278
Nicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Occupational & Environmental Safety Management(OESM) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology (RAC) Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228
Sheet Metal & Plastics Technology (SMP) Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228
Small Vessel Fabrication & Repair (MARR) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Welding Technology (WELD) Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228

Special Programs

Bridge to HopeNicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Construction AcademyJill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228
Early Admit [PDF]Jean Maslowski, (808) 845-9278
Jump StartMelodee Kawano, (808) 845-9177
Running StartJean Maslowski, (808) 845-9278
Nicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Veterans InformationScot Parry, (808) 845-9172

This is a resource site developed by the Academic Counseling Department here at Honolulu Community College. The site is early on in development, so please be sure to stop by early and often for updated content and resources!