The Best Year Of My Journey

By k.k. (Howard Kekahuna)

It was a time of my life when I knew nothing at all about computer work. I had so much riding on education I am great with a paper and a pen but lost at times with todays computer only formats. Still learning and pushing forward though.


English Transcript:

`Olelo Hawai`i 2019

Greetings (We) all / Between us all,

I am very happy to go to the big school of Honolulu. My house is next to / close by Kalihi.

I am a student O Ni’uhelewai. I am a college student, the 1st in my family. Kalei, my sister has been a big help to me to go to this school.

My sister Jo Ann helped me at TRIOSS and Jolene too. Another big help to me was Terrence. Thank you all for the amazing work at HonCC.

I love this school. I won’t give up. I won’t surrender (or give in). This School is good. I am in my 2nd semester at college. Thank you, my friend(s). happy New Year!