Month: December 2021

  • What Once Was

    What Once Was

    Song composed and performed by: al3x With guitar strums, raw vocals, and honest lyrics, he tells his listeners of a love he remembers fondly but could never go back to. Lyrics: Yeah, ooh Raindrops on top my window In them I see your reflection, girl You know I cannot just let go I do still…

  • Nai Boi

    Nai Boi

    Nostalgic – Song Music and posts available on these platforms: Instagram: nai_boi “I hope this song can bring listeners to a sense of peace & relaxation. Since March of 2020 things have felt very sluggish towards returning to “normal.” Peoples jobs, lives, and families have all been effected by COVID and the…

  • Kili’ohu Robis

    Kili’ohu Robis

    “When I made these two pieces, I was only beginning to learn how to use the app Procreate on the IPad. As I navigated through the app I couldn’t think of anything to make besides nature since I found that easier than drawing, or even painting on digital if it was anything else. I thought…

  • Kawika Orr Jr.

    Kawika Orr Jr.
  • Alwyn Matthew Agustin

    Alwyn Matthew Agustin

    Featuring art: No. 1- Beauty Fades No. 2- Help!