Student Computer Lab

With the growing importance of computer based technology in all areas of life and work, the college provides a variety of locations for students to access computer needs.

There are four open labs on campus:

  • Open Computer Lab - Building 2, Room 405
  • Library - Building 7, First Floor
  • Tutoring Center - Building 7, Room 313
  • Hawaiian Center - Building 5, Room 201

Computer Lab Rules & Policies

  • Present a current valid student ID to enter the computer lab.
  • You must have a current UH Student ID plus UH Username
  • Consuming food and drink are permissible in the dedicated lounge areas of the lab.
  • Save your work on a removable medium such as USB (thumb) drive. Files saved on local drives will be erased.
  • No viewing of pornographic/adult sites/offensive material.

The Student Computer Lab is not responsible for:

  1. Loss of data.
  2. Damage to any diskette, thumb drive, or other medium.
  3. Loss of personal items.