Advising/Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling is available via telephone, Zoom, and email Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Friday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

We have transitioned from using MySuccess to STAR Balance. You can now book an appointment with an Academic Counselor through STAR Balance. In addition to emailing your Program Counselor, currently we are encouraging either phone or video conferencing appointments (via Zoom, scheduled in STAR Balance or with your Academic Counselor).

Advising appointments are required. Scheduling for appointments is available online via STAR Balance. Appointments are currently offered virtually via Zoom and by phone. Schedule an appointment with an Academic Counselor by visiting the link below.

Schedule an appointment through STAR Balance

For assistance with booking an advising appointment on STAR Balance, please contact our office via email at or phone, (808) 845-9162.

How to Schedule an Appointment via STAR Balance

Academic Counseling also offers Express Advising Appointments. This type of advising is offered Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays(MTWR) from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (except holidays) on a "first come, first-served" basis. Express Advising is 10 to 15 minutes in length and is meant for quick questions and assistance like signing off on academic forms, clarifying requirements, registration info, and quick referrals.

This advising service is currently offered virtually via Zoom and by phone. Visit the link below to sign up.

Express Advising Appointments

For up to date information on how COVID 19 impacts you as a UH Student, check your UH email regularly or click on the link located at the top of this page. Visit our Academic Counseling Resources site for updates regarding modified hours of operation or closures and for Academic Counseling resources.

For Brand New Students to Honolulu Community College:

New Student Orientation & Registration is mandatory! Upon acceptance, please get started at:

Academic Counselors assist Prospective, Continuing, and Transfer Students with the following:

  • Program Information
  • Change of major
  • Transfer Information and Credits
  • Graduation Check
  • Academic Plan
  • Course Substitutions
  • Course Selection for Registration
  • Financial Aid Academic Progress Form
  • Placement Test Results
  • Veteran's Academic Review Form

Our counselors are here to assist you with defining your educational goals, discussing your options or areas of improvement, and sharing strategies and skills for academic persistence.

Email, Phone, and Zoom Advising are available with your Program Counselor (see below for individual counselors' contact information).

Program Counselors

Program Counselor
Liberal Arts (LBRT) Jean Maslowski, (808) 845-9278
Nicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Administration of Justice (AJ) Drake Zintgraff, (808) 845-9218
Aeronautics Maintenance Technology (AERO) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Applied Trades (APTR) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Architectural, Engineering, & CAD Technologies (AEC) Drake Zintgraff, (808) 845-9218
Auto Body Repair & Painting (ABRP) Shanon Miho, (808) 847-9837
Automotive Technology (AMT) Shanon Miho, (808) 847-9837
Carpentry Technology (CARP) Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228
Communication Arts (CA) Drake Zintgraff, (808) 845-9218
Computing, Security, and Networking Technology (CSNT) Melodee Kawano, (808) 845-9177
Cosmetology (COSM) Erica Balbag-Gerard, (808) 845-9401
Diesel Mechanics Technology (DISL) Shanon Miho, (808) 847-9837
Early Childhood Education (ECED) Melodee Kawano, (808) 845-9177
Electrical Installation & Maintenance Technology (EIMT) Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228
Fashion Technology (FT) Erica Balbag-Gerard, (808) 845-9401
Fire & Environmental Emergency Response (FIRE) Drake Zintgraff, (808) 845-9218
Hawaiian Studies (HWST) Jean Maslowski (808) 845-9278
Nicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Human Services (HSER) Melodee Kawano, (808) 845-9177
Music & Entertainment Learning Experience (MELE) Erica Balbag-Gerard, (808) 845-9401
Natural Sciences (NS) Jean Maslowski, (808) 845-9278
Nicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Occupational & Environmental Safety Management (OESM) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology (RAC) Shanon Miho, (808) 847-9837
Sheet Metal & Plastics Technology (SMP) Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228
Small Vessel Fabrication & Repair (MARR) Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172
Welding Technology (WELD) Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228

Special Programs

Program Counselor
Bridge to Hope Nicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Construction Academy Jill Teraizumi, (808) 845-9228
Early Admit [PDF] Jean Maslowski, (808) 845-9278
Jump Start Melodee Kawano, (808) 845-9177
Running Start Jean Maslowski, (808) 845-9278
Nicole Mitani, (808) 845-9137
Veterans Information Scot Parry, (808) 845-9172

Any counseling questions? Please email