Requesting Disability Accommodations at Honolulu CC

  1. If this is your first time requesting disability accommodations:
    1. Submit the Service Request Form/application (copies available on-line or at the Student ACCESS office (Building 7, Room 311). You will also be required to submit the appropriate documentation to substantiate your disability as part of your request.
    2. You will be scheduled for an intake appointment once Student ACCESS receives the Service Request Form.
    3. Once your documentation is approved, pick up your Accommodation Form and or Memo from the Student ACCESS and take it to the appropriate office and or faculty request accommodations.

    If this is not your first time requesting disability accommodations:

    1. Meet with the Disability Specialist in Building 7, Room 311 before registering each semester. Phone: 844-2392 voice/text.
    2. Once you register, take your Accommodation Form to the appropriate office to request accommodations as soon as possible.
  2. Listed below are some physical and academic accommodations provided to students in the past:
  3. Take all accommodation memos to your instructors and speak with them about your special needs as soon as possible.

Revised: February 12, 2016