Assisting People with Disabilities in Disaster

From the Federal Emergency Management Agency Website and the Disabled People and Disaster Planning Website

Honolulu CC's emergency evacuation plan may be found at People with disabilities who are self-sufficient under normal circumstances may have to rely on the help of others in a disaster.

Things To Know

Things To Do

Self-Help Networks

Self-help networks are arrangements of people who agree to assist an individual with a disability in an emergency. Discuss with the relative, friend or co-worker who has a disability what assistance he or she may need. Urge the person to keep a disaster supplies kit and suggest that you keep an extra copy of the list of special items such as medicines or special equipment that the person has prepared. Talk with the person about how to inform him or her of an oncoming disaster.

Honolulu CC High Rise Building Evacuation of Persons with Mobility Problems

Two helpers should be assigned for each student with mobility problems. Procedures are as follows: