Initiating Requests

At the Student ACCESS office (Bldg. 7, Rm. 302):

  1. Student completes the Service Request Form (copies available on line or at Student ACCESS office) and submit to Student ACCESS, Bldg. 7 Rm. 302
  2. Upon turning in the completed Service Request Form, an intake appointment will be scheduled.
  3. The student will be required to submit documentation of the disability to Student ACCESS. Documentation must verify that disability impairs ability to take adequate notes.
  4. Student submits copy of course schedule.
  5. Student reviews guidelines for notetaking accommodations and signs consent form:
    1. Student must attend class to receive notes.
    2. If a student misses class due to a disability, please discuss this with Student ACCESS to see if notes can be received during the absence period.
    3. Student reports any problems with notetaking accommodations to the Student ACCESS (phone 844-2392 voice/text).

Filling Requests

Recruitment: Notetakers are recruited from the Student ACCESS pool of student assistants, teacher recommendations, or students enrolled in classes in which notetaking requests originate.

Eligibility: Notetakers must be enrolled in at least 6 credits within the University of Hawaii system, possess strong listening and writing skills, and maintain an excellent attendance record. Notetakers are required to submit one set of class notes for evaluation.

Hiring and Pay: Notetakers must complete all student assistant work agreement forms before officially beginning the job. Notetakers are paid at the A21 student hourly rate and are required to fill out and turn in time sheets on posted time sheet due dates in order to be paid on time.


  1. Notetaker must be punctual and consistent in attendance.
  2. Notetaker must be physically and mentally attentive on the job.
  3. Notetaker must take legible, organized and complete notes.
  4. Notetaker must either photocopy notes in the Student ACCESS office and place copies in student's mailbox, or provide the yellow copy of notes to the student after class on same day as lecture. This may differ according to situation.
  5. Notetaker must turn notes in to the Student ACCESS office when student is absent.
  6. Notetaker must notify as soon as possible in event of unavoidable absence (e.g., illness, family emergency).

Evaluation: Each semester notetakers are evaluated by the students they assisted and by the Student ACCESS. Feedback related to these evaluations will be shared with the notetaker and placed in his/her file.

February 12, 2016