Request Timelines

Due to the amount of time required to set up certain types of disability accommodations, the following request timelines have been established. These timelines enable us to provide quality services in a fair and appropriate manner.

Accommodation type: Timeline for requests:
1. Sign language interpreters for courses 6 - 8 weeks in advance of course start date
2. Sign language interpreters for extra-curricular events or activities 10 days in advance of activity date
3. Textbooks into audio-tape format 6-8 weeks in advance of course start date
4. Textbooks into braille format 1 semester in advance of course start date
5. Handouts into audio-tape format 10 days
6. Handouts in braille format 2-4 weeks depending on complexity of material
7. Classroom relocation 2 weeks in advance of course start date
8. Notetakers for courses 2 - 3 weeks
9. Testing accommodations 1 week in advance of test date
10. Specific accommodations not listed Determined on a case-by-case basis so earliest possible notice is recommended.

September 6, 2006