Registration and other information available at: Did you know that U.S. and Hawai‘i law protects pregnant employees and those experiencing domestic violence? Did you know that new laws recently expanded these protections? Join the experts to find out what you need to know! U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) Assistant Regional Attorney Taylor Markey […]

To register, please visit:–srDotHdwrGc3ZeOa2Z09SDLbx75Ju#/registration This workshop is designed to help you understand what microaggressions are, how microaggressions can threaten campus relationships and cultures, and what you can do to respond and communicate more effectively to help create a working and learning environment where everyone is valued, included and supported.

REGISTER NOW for the 7th annual 2024 First-Year Writing Symposium. The conference will take place March 30th, 2024 via Zoom. It is free to register and attend. Seize the opportunity to connect with other writing faculty, tutors, librarians, and student support services folks from all across the islands! This year’s conference will be held from […]