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Improve your teaching with tutorials, resources and tools at your disposal!  Check back often, as we may update periodically with new resources and tools!

How-To Videos on Educational Resources

We offer a variety of How-To Videos on various aspects of online technology. Need help with Laulima, Zoom, Accessible Tools, OERs, Learning Objectives, or Google Apps? Check out the resources below!

Laulima Tutorials

Web Conferencing Tool Tutorial – ZOOM

Accessibility Tutorials

Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero-Cost Textbooks ($0)

Learning Objectives

Google Apps

Laulima Template Designs

Do you want your Laulima site to look inviting and professional, but you don’t quite have a strong background in how to code or develop Laulima pages? Check out our easy-to-use Laulima templates. You can copy and paste the material into your own course site or use the resources as inspiration!

Free Online Tools

There are a plethora of free, interactive tools at your disposal! Check out the below resources to learn more about tools you can integrate into your online course!

Free Resources


Get your completely free, public domain, high-quality images from Pixabay, one of our most favorite sites to download images.


Professional photographers have contributed completely free, public domain photographs that are very high-quality, extremely beautiful and ready to use!


Openclipart has many free, public domain, icons and clipart for you to peruse and download.


Pond5 has all sorts of multimedia to buy and download but they have a page full of free, public domain video clips from history. Make sure you read the copyright labels.

Free Tools

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free tool that allows you to create Images, Websites, and Videos easily!


Animaker is a tool to create quick and easy animated cartoon videos for free!


Canva allows you to be an instant graphic designer by providing ready-made templates for flyers, banners, presentations, etc.  So easy to use!


Flipgrid is a free, fun, and easy to use video discussion platform where you can create a grid for your classroom and post short video clips to spark discussion, verbalize student’s learning processes, and share feedback and ideas visually.  Flipgrid is great for learning languages, reciting favorite lines from novels, sharing creativity and discussing hot topics!  Check it out!

Form Publisher

This is an Add-on for the Chrome browser that allows you to automatically email personalized attachments such as PDFs and Docs when a user presses the submit button from a Google Form, Survey or Quiz.  It can be used for sending automatic, personalized Certificates of Completion or to distribute flyers!


Create, share, embed and reuse interactive HTML5 assessments and games such as memory games, interactive videos, arithmetic quizzes, dialog cards, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, flashcards, guess the answer, etc.

Humanizing Tool Buffet

An array of free tools to humanize your online class, courtesy of Michelle Pacansky-Brock at Online Education Initiative (OEI).

Office Mix

A free add-on for Powerpoint for instructors that allows embedded polls and quizzes into videos that can be played on any device.  Source: Inside HigherEd


Padlet lets you create a free “Pinterest” type board where you can embed and attach images, documents and videos all into one digital canvas.


Powtoon lets you create animated videos and presentations for free!


Screencastomatic is a screen capture and recording tool that lets you record a video of your computer screen, including cursor movements and your narration if you use a mic.  This tool is great when you want to give quick video feedback to your students’ homework or want to create a “how-to” video easily.  You can upload your video to YouTube and remember to closed caption all videos you create to meet ADA requirements.


Turn yourself into a speaking animated character!  Voki is a free fun tool where you can customize your appearance and give it a voice by recording your own or using pre-existing ones.  Embed it into Laulima using the Lessons Tool!  Watch a video. Drawback:  The latest Adobe Flash Player is needed to create and view a Voki character.