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Distance Education Resources A wealth of resources at our own site.
Division Chair Toolkit A wealth of information to assist with the duties.
Campus Resources A wealth of information to assist with the duties.
The Student Is... The most important person at our college...
What is More Important? We are all important to the success of our students.
Student Data and Tracking Form Start tracking students from the first day.
Graduate Follow-Up Data Form Mail to graduates six months after graduation.
Curriculum Action Forms For adding, modifying, or deleting courses.
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Teaching for Success Online Faculty Success Center - HCC Membership Required
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Award-winning list of Internet sites for educators.
Martindale's Reference Extensive references, most fields, emphasis science.
Faculty Focus Our Top 13 Most Popular Articles for 2013
Online Discussion Groups More than 370 online discussion groups on education alone. Subscibe to a "list" and interact with others world-wide.
Study Skills Resources A great web site to recommend to students.
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Affective Education: Stategies for Experiential Learning LB1025.2/.A26/1976
ISBN 0883901080
Aside from Teaching, What in the World Can You Do? HF5381/.B412/1982
ISBN 0295957255
Biting the Apple: Accounts of First-Year Teachers LB1025.2/.B573/1980
ISBN 0582281075
Changing Classroom Behavior: A Manual for Precision Teaching LB1025.2/.M4
ISBN 0700221956
Educating for Excellence: Improving Quality and Productivity... LC66/.B76/1991
ISBN 08656909455
Planning an Institutional Sequence LB1027/.P72
ISBN 0136797121
Planning for Teaching: An Introduction to Education LB1775/.R52/1973
ISBN 0070523428
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