Higher Education in Hawaii.

The major public institution of higher education in Hawaii is the University of Hawaii. The University is composed of a major research university, two small baccalaureate campuses, seven community colleges and five education centers. Like most public universities it faces an enormous challenge in attempting to serve increasing enrollments with decreasing resources. There is mounting demand for upper division and graduate instruction from the neighbor islands which may only have a community college or education center. Because of this demand the University of Hawaii system has increased its distance education program offerings using interactive video and cable TV throughout the State. Priority is given to the delivery of programs in areas of the State with soaring needs including nursing, education, special education and the allied health fields. Because of this commitment neighbor island graduations of distance education students are becoming routine.

The other major institutions of higher education in Hawaii include:

Hawaii Vocational and Technical Schools

Hawaii vocational and technical schools can provide you with the training necessary for a successful career. Whether you want to learn nursing, automotive repair, HVAC installation, computer programming or pharmaceutical medicine, consider the merits of attending one of Hawaii's many vocational and trade schools to receive your education. There are schools throughout the state, from Honolulu to Kona. Depending on the type of program you choose, your coursework will last anywhere from several months to a few years before you graduate with a certificate or associate's degree in your field.

Education Online Search - Hawaii

Hawaii Colleges, universities and schools: A directory of information on Hawaii schools that can help you decide which schools are of most interest to you.

Colleges in Hawaii

As one might expect, Hawaii has a small number of colleges and adult education schools, and is one of 9 states with fewer than 30 such schools. Hawaii is also one of only 9 states with fewer than 70,000 students.

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