HonCC Video Studio

To provide people trained in academics, not video, the tools and the confidence to deliver high quality, effective online instruction. To create engaging content that will keep students watching and learning. To accelerate the video production process to meet the demand for online courses.

The Honolulu Community College Video Recording Studio is located in building 7 room 308. It is designed to produce professional looking instructional videos easily and quickly.  The studio is set up to record content for use in face to face, hybrid or online courses. The system will create professional high-quality video and audio with a minimum of setup time and no post-production time.

It is as easy as: sit at the desk, bring up your PowerPoint slides and press record.  Faculty and staff of Honolulu CC that would like to record video content for any course are welcome to use the studio.

To give you an idea of the type of educational videos that can be created using HonCC Studio A, check out the sample videos below.

Introduction Videos

The HonCC Video Studio uses virtual sets along with a green screen to provide the background and display monitor that you see in the video.  Everything is studio work. We do not have any portable video cameras with camera operators that can go to your classroom.  We are planning on setting up a lecture capture space in the future.  All that you need is PowerPoint slides to get started.

The studio team is willing to work with you to the extent that you want.  We are always looking for interesting innovative ideas and techniques for creating engaging professional educational videos.

Video Studio Effects using PowerPoint

Short Introduction to the HonCC Small Lecture Stage

Short Introduction to Studio A

Uploading the PAC3 PDF Accessibility Checker - Example Lesson

MOREA Framework using Laulima Lessons