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The following Mission is taken from the HCC Faculty Development Statement approved by the HCC Faculty Senate Executive Committee and approved annually by the Faculty Development Committee.

Honolulu Community College considers the faculty one its single greatest resource. The ongoing personal and professional growth of all faculty is essential to the continued strength and vitality of the institution.

The educational environment is changing in unprecedented ways on institutional, technological and geopolitical levels. In addition, Hawaii's institution of higher learning have a responsibility to address the particular needs of the many cultures which comprise the Asian-Pacific area.

To ensure quality of programs and institutional responsiveness to the changing needs of both students and programs, the college is committed to supporting a comprehensive development plan which serves all campus faculty.

Programs and activities of Faculty Development will further the educational and professional goals of individual faculty members. They will further support the college itself in meeting goals of institutional growth as expressed in such documents as the University of Hawaii Strategic Plan, the University of Hawaii Community College System Strategic Plan, the HCC Strategic Plan, the HCC Accreditation Report and other proposals for system-wide development.

In general, the program will give priority to proposals which serve institutional and collective goals. Where individual proposals are considered, professional goals will have priority over personal ones. For the purposes of planning, "faculty" is understood to include both instructional and non-instructional faculty, full-time and part-time, as contractually defined.

The college will support and facilitate the professional and correlative personal growth of its faculty by means of a comprehensive development program which includes:

  • a Faculty Development Coordinator,
  • a Faculty Development Committee with campus-wide representation,
  • a designated member of the college administration who will serve as a liaison between the Coordinator and other levels of administration,
  • a Faculty Development Resource Center to house information on conferences, grants and other funding options, and other faculty development opportunities (including exchanges and sabbaticals), and
  • funds to support Faculty Development activities.

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