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Faculty Professional Development funds provided by the College are available to HCC full-time faculty members each year. If you are interested in applying for funds to support your professional development activity, please fill out the Application for Faculty Development Funding and submit to any Faculty Development Committee member. The deadline for funds is announced each fall and spring semester. Funding decisions take place at the Faculty Development Committee meeting following the deadline.

Plese email the Faculty Development Committee at if you know of awards, grants and other opportunities that you want shared with the HCC Faculty.

A current Honolulu Community College Strategic Plan includes an initiative for faculty to obtain grants. Several Faculty Development activities will be held this spring semester to support this initiative. Please let any Faculty Development Committee member know how the activities of the committee can help support your grant efforts.

  1. Pursuing grants is not rocket science (no offense to our non-astrophysicist friends) but it does require a fair amount of organization and a healthy dose of determination. It should be a deliberate and coordinated effort that you and your organization make, so be sure that you are ready before you spend the time and resources needed to identify and submit grant proposals. Grantseeker's Cafe provided news, information, advice, tutorials and networking for anyone seeking a grant.

  2. In order to help make the most of your time and effort, the Grants/Resource Development Office at Southwest Oregon Community College offers 13 questions to ask before seeking a funding source.

  3. Check out the following websites for information on grant giving foundations;

    The Foundation Center
    Hawaii Community Foundation
    Council of Foundations

  4. Check out the following websites for excellent tutorials on grant proposal development;

    The Grant Writing Tutorial
    General Tips on Writing a Competitive Grant Proposal
    The Foundation Center Proposal Writing Short Course

  5. Check out the following to find out about grant opportunities and register to receive weekly emails alerting you to grant opportunities based on key words you supply them;

    COS Funding Opportunities

  6. The Diversity and Equity Initiative (DEI) has served the University of Hawai'i campuses for more than a decade implementing a University strategic goal that honors and respects the differences and contributions of its students, faculty, staff and administration. Projects funded by the Diversity and Equity Initiative address issues on ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and culture. All ten campuses of the University of Hawaii are eligible to apply for a Diversity and Equity Initiative grant. Applications are accepted in February and October offering grants up to $5000.

  7. The Hawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations (HANO) offers workshops statewide on nonprofit management and best practices. More than 400 Hawai'i nonprofit leaders attend HANO trainings annually. Contact Jennifer Cornish Creed, HANO Director, Member & Professional Development, at 529-0453 for more information.

  8. The Online Business Degree webite offers a Business 101: Writing a Business Grant Proposal resource. Check out this resource for information on writing business and other grant proposals.

  9. The John Templeton Foundation offers to encourage a fresh appreciation of the critical importance for all peoples and cultures of the moral and spiritual dimensions of life. The mission of the Templeton Fundation is to serve as a philanthropic catalyst for scientific discovery on what scientists and philosophers call the Big Question. Ranging from questions about the laws of nature to the nature of creativity and consciousness, the Foundation's philanthropic vision is derived from Sir John's resolute belief that rigorous research and cutting-edge scholarship is at the very heart of new discoveries and human progress.

    The John Templeton Foundation has made up to $3 million available for research grants to stimulate and sponsor new research insights directly pertinent to the 'great debate' over purpose in the context of the emergence of increasing biological complexity. Areas of research supported include:

    1. Chemistry, "fine tuning" in biocentricity, emergent order and the origin and existence of life
    2. Evolution directionality and convergence
    3. Archeological and anthropological research in human evolution and the origins and early developments of purpose-seeking and spirituality or religiosity.

  10. The Federal Government through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, has grant opportunities. is the main source to find and apply for Recovery Act grants. A federal grant is financial assistance awarded by a federal agency for a public project or service authorized by federal law.
    Who is eligible for a grant?

    • Government organizations
    • Education organizations
    • Non-profit organizations
    • For-profit organizations
    • Small businesses
    • Individuals (on their own behalf, not on behalf of a company, organization, institution, or government)

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