Professional Development Funding Request

Our campus distributes funds for our faculty to attend conferences and other programming that supports their professional development.

These funds are distributed yearly by the Faculty Development Committee. The funding policy, which the committee approved in 2015, is as follows:

  1.   The committee will grant 70% of professional development funds to applicants in the fall semester and 30% in the spring semester. There will be two rounds of applications.
  2.   There will be a cap on grants. Applicants can receive up to $1000 for mainland conferences and up to $500 for local conferences. This cap will enable faculty to plan for their conferences and raise additional funds if necessary. This will also help the committee serve a larger number of faculty in the future.
  3.   There will a 3-year cycle beginning during the academic year 2015-2016 during which any faculty can receive up to $1500 in funds. This cap will enable faculty to plan for their conferences and raise additional funds if necessary.
  4.   Any returned funds will be redistributed to already approved applicants who did not receive the maximum $1000 or $500 for their conferences OR will be distributed to applicants who were not initially approved for funding.
  5.   Lecturers will be eligible for funding if they have taught 6 credits or more per semester during the last two academic years at HCC.
  6.   There will be a mandatory meeting for funding recipients during the fall and spring semesters. They must share an innovation or information gained at their respective conferences. This will be similar to the roundtable discussion held with HNGTS attendees. Their presentation will be 3-5 minutes followed with discussion.
  7.   Receiving FDC funding for your travel still requires approval from your Dean, VCAA, and the Chancellor. If approved for funding, prior to making any travel arrangements, please work with your department’s Administrative Assistant who will need to secure approval from administration before moving forward.
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