Graduation Information

May 10, 2019 - Waīkīki Shell - 6:00 PM

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Commencement is a time for all of us - parents and children, teachers and students, faculty and staff, friends and family - to pause for a moment in the shadow of majestic Diamond Head crater to glance back on the experiences that have brought us to this high place of learning and achievement. From that vantage point, we can look ahead to the challenges and opportunities before us and see in them the profound and pivotal role of higher education.

The Commencement of the University of Hawaiʻi - Honolulu Community College salutes the Graduating Class of 2018-2019 and pays tribute to the many people who have made their graduation possible.

The infectious spirit of success will radiate at our Commencement activities on a fine May evening-a fitting farewell to our degree candidates. Please join us as together we celebrate our students' achievements and bright futures.

Blaisdell Center (HONOLULU, HI) would like to extend our congratulations to the class of 2019. Commencement is a milestone for graduates, their families, and their friends. We ask that all graduates and guests respect the importance of this occasion by cooperating with the schools and the graduation rules of the Blaisdell Center and Waīkīki Shell.

For the safety and security of all guests and graduates, please follow the instructions of the venue personnel and security staff before, during and after commencement. Priority to enter the Exhibition Hall for the lei greeting will be given to those attending the ceremony. If the exhibition hall has reached capacity we will ask guests to wait until others have left before allowing more family and friends to enter. Those coming just for lei greeting are encouraged to come later to avoid congestion on the concourses and a prolonged wait time.

As a reminder, here are the rules as they pertain to graduation at the Blaisdell Center and Waīkīki Shell. Please check with the individual school about specific rules or items not listed below.

  • All packages are subject to search. Large bags may be denied entry if they won't fit or contain unsuitable items
  • No Aisles can be obstructed
  • All packages, gifts, lei, posters, etc. must fit on lap or under the seat.
  • No sticks or rods – posters cannot be mounted
  • No Strollers inside the seating areas – strollers must be checked with the usher staff
  • No Balloons
  • No Tripods
  • No Drones
  • No Laser Pointers
  • No Noisemakers or Air Horns
  • No Silly String, Confetti or Confetti Cannons
  • No Outside food or Beverages – Including steel water bottles
  • No Tailgating/Picnicking in the parking structure, grass areas or on walkways

For more information, please contact your school or Blaisdell administration at 768-5400.

Location of Ceremony

This year's ceremony will be held at the Waīkīki Shell (2805 Monsarrat Ave) in Kapiolani Park, between Waikiki and Diamond Head in Honolulu. With the world-famous Diamond Head Crater for a backdrop. The Waīkīki Shell is a spectacular location for us to celebrate the achievements of our graduates.

Parking at and near Waīkīki Shell is limited. Special parking will NOT be available. Plan enough time for travel and parking.

No tickets are required for entry. You may invite an unlimited number of friends, family & colleagues. The venue seats 2400 and the lawn area has the capacity for an additional 6000. Seating is first come, first serve, with reserved sections only for graduates, faculty, and college-affiliated personnel.

The gates to the Waīkīki Shell will open to family, friends, and guests at 5:15 PM.

When guests arrive, graduates will already be lining up in preparation for the procession. Guests should take their seats and greet their graduates after the ceremony. The processional will begin promptly at 6:00 PM.

Late guests may be refrained from seating until a break in the graduation program.

After the event there will be large letters posted on the perimeter of the grounds. Meet family & friends at the letter that corresponds to the graduates last name.

Parking at and near the Waīkīki Shell is limited. To have our event be the best it can be for all those involved we suggest that guests carpool with friends and family to the event, allow ample time to get through rush hour traffic and consider getting to Waikiki early or staying after to enjoy the park & beach and avoid the high traffic flow times.

Requests for a sign language interpreter or other special accommodation may be made by contacting or by calling 844-2392 V/T. Two weeks advanced notice requested.

Guests using wheelchairs should contact the ushers upon arrival at the Waīkīki Shell for seating suggestions.

If you need ADA accommodations to participate in any of these activities please contact 844-2392 or email at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Day of the Ceremony

Arrive at the Waīkīki Shell by 3:30 PM Friday, May 10

Plan extra time for travel & parking since traffic is expected.

Bring and/or come wearing your cap and gown. If you must bring a handbag or bag, it must fit neatly under your gown. There are no places to leave or store bulky belongings. We recommend that if you must bring a handbag that it be one that fits neatly under your gown. Re-entry will not be allowed.

We will do a short rehearsal so that everyone is familiar with what is going to happen during the actual ceremony.

During rehearsal there will also be light refreshments and an opportunity to get critical information regarding your photos of the event, diplomas and alumni association membership. We will then line up for the actual ceremony.

Please do not bring any belongings that are bulky or need to be stored. There will not be any places to leave or store such belongings.

Photos & Videos

The audience may take photographs and videos from their seats only. The Picture Man of Hawaiʻi will take individual photographs of students as they are recognized on stage. A free proof will be mailed to you by the photographer after commencement, and you may order additional photographs at that time. If you do not wish to have your address forwarded to the photographer so that he can send the proof to you, please submit your request in writing by May 01, 2019

Commencement Ceremony Request
Records Office
874 Dillingham Blvd
Honolulu, HI, 96817

For more information on ordering photographs, call 808-499-2400.

A Honolulu Community College video will be made of the ceremony for us to capture the history, pride and appreciation students have of HCC. We will interview students about the journey from the first day of class to graduation. We encourage everyone to participate in sharing memories.

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Caps & Gown Pick Up

he HCC Bookstore is coordinating the distribution of caps, gowns, and tassels. The bookstore is located on the first floor of Building 2. The complete package cost for cap, gown & tassel is approximately $42.00.

Caps and gowns are black and sold by height. Tassels are Teal. Sizes are limited. Ensure that your gown is ironed and/or crease free for the Graduation ceremony. You may wear a black graduation gown that you already own. Graduates without gowns will NOT be able to participate in this event. Also, plan ahead with enough bobby pins to secure your caps as necessary. The attire worn under the gown should be fitting of the formality of the ceremony. We recommend comfortable, closed-toe shoes

Cap & Gown Donations

If you are in a financial hardship now and may need to use a donated gown, send an email to Student Life at that explains your situation. All requests will be evaluated and we will let you know the outcome.

To assist future graduates who may find it hard to afford a cap and/or gown, we will be collecting donations of used gowns after the ceremony. If you have no plans to re-use your cap and/or gown, please leave it in the donation box at the exit of the event or bring it to the Student Life and Development office anytime thereafter.

Honors Cords

Honors students earning a cumulative institutional GPA of 3.5 or higher as of Fall 2018 will be acknowledged in the program and at the ceremony as "with honors." Those students will be awarded a gold honor cord at the event. You must attend the event to receive your honor cord.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society or Student Leader Stoles

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and student leader graduates should see their organization advisors if they have any questions about how to pick up their graduation attire, in advance.

Graduation Cap Decorating Contest

Over the past years, some students have really enjoyed decorating their Graduation cap to reflect their pride in their major and/or campus. These designs have been flat or 3-D and made from a variety of materials. This year we will be awarding prizes to those students who best exemplify their major (Liberal Arts student may use a future major or career). For example, Sheet Metal could have a metal piece on their cap, a replica of an item they have built, a picture that represents the trade or union. The possibilities are endless. All caps must be recognizable as Graduation caps and wearable for the ceremony.


  • One cap may be submitted for each Graduate with their own original work.
  • Decorations are not to exceed 6 inches high, and the dimensions of the cap. Please be mindful of the weight.
  • Students wishing to compete must bring their decorated cap to Graduation rehearsal at the Waīkīki Shell by 3:30 PM.

Graduation Volunteers

We are looking for Honolulu Community College students who are not graduating but are interested in being part of the event to serve as volunteers. The Graduation Volunteers help usher other guests, line up graduates, coordinate parking, coordinate refreshments, and such. Please encourage your friends and classmates to contact Student Life,

Sign up for speaker here:

Sign up for singer here:

Sign up as a volunteer:


Diplomas will be available for pickup 10 weeks after the ceremony at the Records Office. Because semester records will not be available by commencement, the conferring of degrees at the ceremony is provisional, pending verification that degree requirements have been met. For further information, call (808) 845-9120.