Health Office


Call 911 then 284-1270 (Security), for more details see below.
Follow this link for complete information on emergency care

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For minor injuries or illnesses that are not an emergency:

  • Call the Health Office and request to speak to the nurse at 845-9282 (voice/text).
  • Do not proceed directly to the Health Office. Check first that the nurse is in. Student assistants working in the Health Office are unable to render first aid care.
  • Services are limited and thus, we rely on the client as well as their family and friends to assist us with providing a safe means to transport them for further care or to their home to rest and recuperate.
  • Referrals will be made should an illness or injury be more serious and beyond the nurse's scope of practice. The client is responsible for any expenses related to receiving outside medical care.


The Health Office is located in Building 2, Room 108A, next to the women's restroom (across the wall between the elevator and the Bookstore window displays) on the Makai side of the building. We're open weekdays (except holidays) from 8am to 4pm. Our office may be closed for meetings and emergencies should we not have student assistant coverage in our office. Best to call before coming to make sure our office is open or if nurse is available.


Some of the services offered at the Health Office include:

  • Limited Nursing Care (no Physician on staff)
  • Health Screening for height, weight, blood pressure
  • Health Educational Brochures on Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS, Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, and more
  • University Endorsed Medical Insurance Brochures
  • Distance Education Health Services
  • First Aid Care
  • First Aid Kit Refills for On-Campus Kits
  • CPR and First Aid Training for Honolulu CC Faculty, Staff and Students
  • Campus Emergency Planning

For additional information, feel free to contact the Honolulu CC Health Office at (808) 845-9282 (voice/text) or by email.