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lease read this page and the 'FAQ' page thoroughly and carefully. Then go to the 'message' page. This will help you to avoid problems later. Click on the buttons to access various pages, or follow the links in the text below that briefly describes what you will find on each page.



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nline courses require a different mind set than traditional classroom courses. Get in the habit of browsing online, following links and reading on the computer screen. The more you look around the easier it will be for you to become accustomed to the way the course works. You must read instructions carefully and ask questions if you do not understand. If you have questions at any time, ask them, don't wait until it's too late. Send e-mail to the instructor, or email other students in the class from the mailing list that you will get early in the course.

We hope you will find this course to be an interesting, stimulating and challenging educational experience.

Read below for further information about the blue buttons.

Check In: If you are a registered student you will receive an announcement from the instructor with a summary of course requirements and an academic honesty certification. You must return this certification to be checked in. Exam and lab quiz scores will not be counted if this is not returned. You will receive a check-in acknowledgement to complete the check-in process.

If you register after the first day of class you will need to go to Laulima announcements in order to initiate the check-in processs.

The syllabus is your first reading assignment and the instructor will assume that you have read it and understand it. If there is something you do not understand send a message to Laulima now. Do not wait until it's too late.

Pay special attention to the course objectives and the course requirements.

The schedule page lists the broadcast dates and topics of the the thirty programs.

The due dates page lists due dates for exams and labs throughout the semester. Use this to plan your workload for the course.

The study guides are summaries of the video programs along with questions and objectives for each lesson. You can access each study guide from the broadcast schedule or from the study guide page. If you have a slow link you may want to use the text only study guide page.

The labs page links to the six laboratory exercise and shows the due dates for the completion and submission of the labs. Check it early in the course and note the due dates.

The message page summaries information about the structure of the course and other information. Everyone should read this page.

The FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) tells you how and when to take exams, and other important and interesting information. Everyone should read this page

The Text Reference page lists the reading assignments for each program.

The TV text page will take you to a menu where you can view and print the verbatim text from all thirty TV programs.

The links page contains links to other sites which contain other interesting information. You may find these useful throughout the course or as starting points for your research paper. If you find an interesting link relating to physical science, please send the URL to Laulima. These links are good starting points for exploration or for finding online references.

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