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Lab Information, Links and Completion Dates

Lab completion dates are here. Quizzes should be submitted as soon as possible after completing the lab exercise.

Information on submitting lab quizzes is here.

Click on the About button for an overview of each lab.

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Refer to the course syllabus to for more information about the labs. Lab exercises do not need to be submitted, except for lab 1.

Information on accessing the quizzes will be sent to all enrolled students before the 'due' date for lab 2.


A 1 credit lab course takes more time than it might appear. When added to a 3 credit 'lecture' course it may seem like a lot of time. But it is equivalent to the time you would spend in a classroom lab for the same 1 credit..

Compare the times here..

Each lab is designed to require up to six hours. That includes studying the learning outcomes, becoming familiar with any background material before you begin, doing the exercise, and taking the lab quizzes. Some labs may take longer if background material needs review, or if it is completely new.

Do not wait until the last minute to start the lab exercise.

If there are questions about ANY aspect of any lab, send e-mail to the instructor ( ) or ask for help from your classmates. You may not get help on the quiz from anyone else. This would be a violation of academic honesty.

The grade for Lab 1 is based on the quality and content of the report.

The grade for labs 2 - 6 is based entirely on the lab quiz.

Information about accessing the lab quizzes will be sent to each student after the late registration period and prior to the compleion date for lab 2.

There is no specific due date for any quiz, but they should be completed as soon as possible after doing the exercise, before memories fade.

The final date for submission of all quizzes is the last day of class as published in the schedule of courses. Severe penalties will be imposed for labs 1, 3, 5, 6 afer this date. Quizzes for labs 2 and 4 will not be scored and will not count if not received on time.

The completion dates below will keep you on schedule. Trust me, you do not want to fall behind and try to catch up later in the semester.

*Labs 1, 3, 5, 6 are required. See below.

Lab Info

Spring 2011 Labs

Completion Date

*Lab 1 Astronomy

Monday, 30-Apr

Lab 2 Retrograde Motion

Thursday, 9-Feb

*Lab 3 Graphs

Saturday, 25-Feb

Lab 4 Describing Motion

Monday 12-Mar

*Lab 5 Measurements

Wednesday 28-Mar

*Lab 6 Kinematics

Saturday 14-April

*Labs 1, 3, 5, 6 are minimum requirements for lab exercises and must be completed to get credit for the course, however the lab grade is based on point totals for all six labs.

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