Computer Use Policy

The library provides computing resources to support the research and educational needs of our students and faculty. Library computers are provided primarily for students to conduct their course-related assignments and research.

The following are NOT allowed:
  • Food and drinks while using computers or other equipment (scanner, photocopier, microfilm machines, etc.)
  • Using another individual's UH ID number or credentials for access
  • Behavior that disrupts the work or educational environment
  • Using computer equipment for recreational purposes such as game playing (this deters others from using workstations for educational or research purposes)
  • Playing any AUDIO from computers without headphones or ear buds
  • Accessing and viewing online material that may be considered offensive, demeaning, or hostile to others (which includes displaying sexually explicit images and sounds)
  • Violating copyright laws or database licensing restrictions
  • Installing or altering software configurations and/or hardware
Additional guidelines users should follow:
  • Students are responsible for their data (creation, maintenace, storage). No information should be saved onto the library's computers. Please save documents and files accordingly (flashdrive, email, etc.).
  • Library computers are shared public use equipment; use of these computers for private, confidential, or sensitive information is highly discouraged. Practice safe responsible computing.
  • Library Rules of Conduct
Please note that librarians support student research and information literacy by providing tools, resources, and services; however they cannot assist will all technology or selected campus-related services, such as MyUH, email, word processing and spreadsheets, Laulima, FAFSA, registration, etc. Students are advised to seek appropriate assistance from their instructor, counselor, the Financial Aid or Registrar office, or the Computer Lab.

The library adheres to UH Executive Policy E2.210 - Use and Management of Information Technology Resources. [PDF]

Failure to comply with any conditions in the policy may result in loss of computer privileges.

Updated 3/13/18