Food & Drink Policy

The library promotes a welcoming space that is conducive to study, research, and learning. In order to conserve library resources and provide a comfortable environment, we ask library users to follow these guidelines regarding food and drinks:
  • Only dry snacks & covered beverages are permitted. Acceptable food items include the following: granola/energy bars, nuts, candy, chips, cookies, and other similar dry snacks.
  • No meals (plate lunches/fast food) or messy strong smelling foods are allowed.
  • There is a strict no food and drink policy while using computers or other equipment (scanner, photocopier, microfilm machines, etc.).
  • All library users are expected to act responsibly and courteously by disposing of trash and cleaning up spills and crumbs. Major spills should be reported to library staff as soon as possible.
  • Failure to comply with posted restrictions or staff instructions constitutes a violation of the Library‚Äôs Rules of Conduct.
Responsible management of the library requires that we exercise care in allowing only selected food and drinks inside. Please help us protect and maintain library materials, furniture, and equipment.







Updated 9/01/16