Group Study Rooms

The primary purpose of group study rooms is to provide a place for students to engage in collaborative academic work and study. Library group study rooms are available for use by HonCC/UH System students. Faculty and staff may reserve a study room to conduct college business.

The study rooms are for groups of at least two and no more than six individuals.

Rooms include use of a chalkboard and WiFi access for laptops and personal devices.
  • Go to the Circulation Services counter with your UH ID card to request a room.
  • Students may use the room for a maximum period of 2 hours.
  • Room reservations can be made two weeks in advance.
  • Individual use of a group study room is not allowed.
  • One person may not enter the room until the rest of the group is present.
  • A group may use the room for a maximum of 2 hours; an additional hour may be granted to extend the initial reservation if no other group is awaiting the room.
  • Continuous reservations made by different members of the SAME group will not be permitted.
  • If a reserved room has not been claimed after 10 minutes, another group may make use of it.
  • Do not move furniture into or out of the room.
  • Doors should remain unlocked at all times for safety.
  • In addition to the policies listed herein, students must comply with the library's Rules of Conduct. Failure to comply will result in loss of privileges.
  • Library staff reserve the right to cancel a reservation at any time.
  • Food & drinks: Only dry snacks and covered beverages are allowed.
  • STUDY ROOMS ARE NOT SOUNDPROOF, therefore all conversations should be kept low so as not to disturb other patrons or neighboring staff offices.
  • STUDY ROOMS CANNOT BE USED FOR social gatherings, playing games, tutoring for profit, non-academic projects, and regularly scheduled classes. Library staff may ask individuals to vacate a room if the space is being used for anything other than its intended purpose.
  • Playing of music from instruments or other personal devices (smartphones, laptops, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Please return to the Circulation Counter to advise library staff that your group is finished with the room.
  • Push chairs in under table.
  • Clean chalkboard with eraser if used.
Updated 1/04/18