What are microforms?
They are documents (such as newspapers or magazines) that are reduced in size and made available in either microfiche or microfilm format.

Newspaper back issues of the Star-Advertiser, Honolulu Advertiser, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin are available on microfilm.

Archives of selected periodicals may also be available on microfilm, microfiche, or microcartridge; please see a reference librarian for assistance.

What's the difference between the different formats?
Microfilm is on spools, and is threaded onto the reader/printer machine. The microfilm spools are stored in the brown cabinets and drawers along the mauka wall of the first floor.

Microfiche are small sheets of film that are placed face-down in the reader/printer. Microfiche sheets are stored in drawers on the first floor. Periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title, and within a title, by date.

Microcartridge film is enclosed in a plastic jacket. Microcartridges are labeled "Magazine Collection," and are used with older InfoTrac articles. Microcartridges are stored in the brown drawers along the mauka wall of the first floor.

Reader/printer machines for viewing and and printing microforms are nearby. Copies are ten cents per page. Librarians can show you how to use any of the microforms. The Periodicals A-Z List indicates which titles have microform back issues.

Updated 6/21/16