Reference and Instruction

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“Our goal is to connect with you, so you can succeed!”

Librarians at Honolulu Community College provide reference and research assistance. A reference librarian is on duty during all open hours of the library. In addition to their professionalism and knowledge, they help students and faculty explore and understand the library’s collections and services in person, over the phone, and by email.

In addition to answering individual research questions, librarians provide tours, visit classes, lead workshops, and sponsor presentations throughout the year.

The library's instructional program plays a vital role in the campus' information literacy outcomes. Teaching librarians work closely with faculty to combine research instruction with course specific assignments. Each instruction session is customized to a specific class, so even if students have received instruction in another course, there are many benefits to reinforcing key research concepts again. Assessment tools, such as in-class exercises, group work, and questionnaires, are integrated into library instruction. Librarians also create and maintain a useful collection of print and online research guides that support its teaching.

Scheduling Library Sessions
  • Faculty who wish to schedule library instruction are encouraged to visit or call the Reference Desk at 845-9199.
  • Library research sessions may be requested for off-site locations to serve distance education courses, high schools, and military bases as needed. See also, Distance Education Library Services.
  • It is advisable to schedule library instruction sessions in advance, as the teaching calendar fills up quickly. Please be prepared with an alternate date in mind, in case the preferred date is unavailable.
Tips for a Successful Session
  • Provide librarians a copy of the class assignment, so they can prepare a relevant, informative, and interesting presentation. Discuss with the librarian specific objectives for the research session by sharing potential topics and requesting relevant e-resources.
  • Timing is important, since librarians find that students retain information best when it is tied to an assignment they are preparing for or currently working on.
  • Accompany the class to the library for the instructional session. Students are usually more motivated and engaged when their instructor participates.
Individual or Small Group Instruction
Individual students or small groups (2-6 students) who need research assistance may schedule a session with a librarian by visiting the Reference Desk.
Updated 3/13/18