Reserve Materials

Reserve materials are course-related resources provided by instructors for shared-use by students in their courses. Reserve materials may include the following:
  • Textbooks
  • Study guides
  • Supplementary readings
  • Course notes
  • Audiovisual materials, such as DVDs and videotapes
  • Cable course videotapes and/or DVDs
Course Reserve Search
To use reserve materials for a class, students should present their UH ID card at the Circulation Counter, and request the materials by the instructor's name, or by the course name and number. Loan periods are determined by the instructors. Most items are for library-use only, for up to 2 hours. Limit one reserve item at a time, except study guides that accompany textbooks.

Cable Course Videos

Students must be enrolled in the cable course to use the DVDs and/or videotapes of a cable course. These videos may be viewed in the library (video players and headsets are available), or checked out for a one-day loan.

When a cable course video is checked out...
  • There is a limit of one video per class.
  • No renewals
  • Overdue fines: $1.00 per day, maximum of $10.00
  • Videotapes and DVDs must be returned to the Circulation Counter, not the Bookdrop, to prevent damage
Students are responsible for lost or damaged cable course videos. Fees include...
  • Replacement charge: $10.00 for videotapes, $15.00 for DVDs
  • Non-refundable processing fee: $10.00


Updated 6/21/16