Reserve Materials

Materials such as books, textbooks, articles, DVDs, study guides, and course notes that an instructor has selected for use by students enrolled in a specific course are placed “on reserve” at the library.


For Students:

  • Request reserve materials from the Circulation Counter with a valid UH ID card
  • Provide the instructor's name and/or the course title and number (i.e. Math 100)
  • Most reserve materials are restriced to library-use only for a two (2) hour loan
  • Limit one reserve item at a time, except study guides that accompany a textbook
  • Items are placed on reserve with limited time periods so that ALL students have EQUAL access to assigned material.

For Faculty:

  • Visit Circulation Services to place course materials on reserve.
  • Library-owned materials (books, DVDs, etc.) may be placed on reserve.
  • The library accepts personal copies of books and other materials. Instructors assume the responsibilty for the loss, theft, or damage of such copies by borrowers.
  • Faculty are responsible for obtaining copyright clearance for their course materials.
  • Faculty are encouraged to submit reserve items well in advance, since processing of materials may take more than one week depending on library work load.

Copyright & Fair Use for Students and Faculty:

Updated 3/12/18