Math Lab

Having difficulty learning math? Seek early tutoring assistance in The Math Lab. You can save hours of time and frustration and be more successful in mathematics if you ask for assistance.

Glen Tengan
Manager, (808) 845-9403


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How to Study Math - This site will provide tips on how to be a better math student. It includes tips on how to study for and take math exams.

Time Management - Time management skills will help you find freedom from deadline pressure and increase your productivity and relaxation time.

Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) - A web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what you know and areas you need more help. ALEKS then instructs you on the topics you are most ready to learn.

MyMathLab - A series of online courses that accompany Pearson's textbooks in mathematics and statistics. MyMathLab engages you in active learning - it's modular, self-paced, accessible anywhere with Web access, and adaptable to your learning style.

General Rules and Procedures

Cell Phone Policy

  • Cell phones must be turned off or set to silent mode
  • Exit before making or answering a phone call (conduct all cell phone conversations outside)
  • Patrons wishing to report bothersome cell phone use should contact any Math Lab staff member

Food and Drink

  • Light, neat, non-distracting snacks and covered beverages are allowed in the Math Lab.
  • Items that might distract others in the Lab, such as those listed below, must be enjoyed outside.
    • No messy or greasy food items
    • No full meals (plate lunch, bento, etc)
    • No distracting foods (noisy, aromatic, etc)
  • After enjoying a snack or beverage, students are expected to clean their areas.


  • Tutoring is offered, free of charge and on a walk-in basis, to students enrolled in MATH discipline courses offered by Honolulu CC.
  • The Math Lab tutoring is not a replacement for attending class or instructor consultation.
  • Tutors can assist with odd-numbered textbook problems and ordinary computerized homework but will not assist with problems that will be turned in for grading without specific instructor approval of such assistance. When there is any doubt, tutors will refer student questions to their respective instructors.


  • The Math Lab is a working lab so ongoing and active tutoring and discussion of MATH topics, procedures, and problems is expected.
  • Discussion of other topics should be kept quiet and brief to help maintain an atmosphere conducive to the study and learning of mathematics.
  • Overly energetic (loud) discussions of any sort should be taken outside of the Math Lab so as not to disturb others who are studying.
  • As a courtesy to others, please do not bring children to the Math Lab.

The Math Lab reserves the right to require disruptive individuals to leave the Math Lab.

Computer Lab Use

  • 6 laptops are available for students to use for Honolulu CC MATH discipline course work.
  • There is no specific time limit restriction placed on the computer use in the Math Lab as long as students are working on Honolulu CC MATH discipline course work.
  • Students who want to use computers for work for courses in other disciplines should go to the computer lab located in Building 2, Room 405.