Where Can I Get Blood Tests or MMR Shots?

This following list is are suggestions with no endorsement intended. Information listed is subject to change. Call directly to the sites listed below for updated hours, cost, and other information.

MMR Blood Testing Sites

  • Discount coupon for MMR blood test at Kalihi-Palama Health Center must be obtained first from the Honolulu CC Health Office or the Honolulu CC Admissions Office. Then, proceed to Kalihi-Palama Health Center at 915 N. King Street, Phone 848-1438. Bring I.D. Pay by cash or credit card. Results Mumps-1 week; Measles & Rubella-2 days.
  • Need a M.D.’s order for MMR IgG Blood Test first. Then, may go to Diagnostic Lab Services (DLS) (check phone book for DLS locations around the island). Bring I.D. Pay at time of service for discount. Queens Lab open 24 hours a day/7 days a week, Phone 589-5100 “Press 1”.

MMR Shot Sites

University Health Service at Mānoa
1710 East-West Road
Phone 956-8965.
Community College students need to pay for shot and health fee. Bring student I.D.

Kalihi-Palama Health Center
915 N. King St.
Phone 848-1438.
Appointment required. Bring I.D. and pay by cash or credit card.

Waikiki Health Center
277 Ohua Ave.
Phone 922-4787.
Need to pay for shot and nurse administration fee.

Straub Immunization Clinic (Travel Clinic)
888 S. King St.
Phone 522-4442.
Bring ID and pay by cash or credit card. Contact Straub for convenient evening clinic locations by calling 522-4442 or visit http://www.straubhealth.com/hospital-clinics/index.asp.

Medical Corner
Airport Ewa Access Road
Phone 836-3900
Bring ID and pay by cash or credit card.

Urgent Care Clinic Waikiki
2155 Kalakaua Ave.
Phone 432-2700
Bring I.D. and pay by cash or credit card.