“He i’a no kā moana, he alo loa ku i e ko’a.”
“A fish of the deep sea requires a long line that reaches the sea floor.”
(In order to obtain a good position, one must prepare.)

—Mary Kawena Pukuʻi

  • Po’i Nā Nalu is the Native Hawaiian Career and Technical Education Program (NHCTEP) at Honolulu Community College (HON).

  • Po’i Nā Nalu is part of the Hūlili Ke Kukui Hawaiian Center, under the Kūlana Hawai’i Native Hawaiian Programs at HON.
  • Po’i Nā Nalu is funded by a Federal Grant from the United States Department of Education and is sponsored by ALU LIKE Inc.
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  • Po’i Nā Nalu provides Native Hawaiian students in Career and Technical Education Programs with support services to successfully navigate through higher education and beyond.


  • Native Hawaiian Ethnicity
  • Full-time or Part-time Status and Home Institution Must Be at Honolulu Community College
  • Pre-majoring or Majoring In Any Career and Technical Education Program
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress

Free Services

  • Tutoring via Peer Mentors
  • Loan Out of Laptops, Text Books, DVDs, Tool Kits
  • Computer Lab (Mac)
  • Mālama ‘Āina Days
  • Finanacial Aid Application Assistance
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities
  • Community Service Events

College & Career Development Series

  • Practice-Based Experience (Internships)
  • Stipends for Eligible Participants
  • Academic Career Advising
  • Conference Participation
  • Makawalu: Four Year Transfer Conference
  • Kau Wela Summer Class Series
  • Work Force Development


Honolulu Community College
Poʻi Nā Nalu – NHCTEP
Building 20, Room 01
874 Dillinham Blvd.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

 Ph: 808-845-9176

 E-mail: nanalu@hawaii.edu