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Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with completing my application! Where can I get help?

Check out our Application Tips video for some tips while completing the application. If you would like to meet with someone for more assistance you can join the Outreach Center's Virtual Office Hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm-3pm or schedule an appointment to meet with us.

I took an Early College class with HonCC before. Do I have to re-apply?

Graduating seniors who took an Early College class with HonCC before don't have to re-apply. You can simply complete this Dual Credit Rollover Form. If you are still unsure if this applies to you, feel free to contact the Outreach Center at (808) 844-2309 or

I want to change my current home campus to HonCC. How do I do this?

You can complete this Change of Home Institution Form and submit it to our Admissions Office via UH File Drop.

Phone: 808-845-9129

How do I change my major?

You can complete this Change of Major Form and submit it to our Admissions Office via UH File Drop. Make sure to get your counselor's signature before submitting.

Phone: 808-845-9129

Is the New Student Orientation mandatory?

Yes, the New Student Orientation is mandatory for all newly accepted students. It is a video which goes over all the required steps before you can sign up for an NSR session and register for classes.
If you are a New Transfer or Returning student, you aren't required to watch the orientation video. Once you complete the rest of the steps, you can simply register for classes on STAR on your assigned date. If you need help with registering for classes, please contact

What are the required steps to register?

Check out our Bitmoji Classroom for an interactive list of the required steps to register!

What is the overall process for joining HonCC?

For an overall process to joining our HonCC ʻohana, please view this presentation.

What is Financial Aid?

For a quick overview of financial aid, please see this video.

How do I fill out the FAFSA?

Visit to get started on your FAFSA application. For a quick walkthrough on completing your FAFSA, please see this video. Be sure to add our Federal School Code: 001612.

Am I eligible?

For our list of eligibility requirements, please visit this page.

How do I report scholarships?

When you receive a scholarship from an outside source (any scholarships that aren't from your school), you are required to report the award amount to our Financial Aid Office. You can email them at with proof that you were awarded this scholarship (ex: photo of the announcement) and the award amount.

Where can I see my award?

In MyUH, look for the View My Financial Aid button and login with your UH username and password. Click on Award By Aid Year, select the year that you're looking for and click submit. If you don't see any options, please contact our Financial Aid Office. Click on the Award Overview tab to view your award package.

When do FASFA and scholarships have to be completed?

FAFSA opens every year on October 1. The priority deadline for Fall is March 1 and for Spring is October 1. You can still complete it after these dates, but you may not get as much aid as someone who completed it earlier and by the priority deadline. We recommend you complete your FAFSA as soon as it opens so you can get as much aid as you can.

How do I contact the Financial Aid Office?

Financial Aid Office
Phone: 808-845-9116

What is MyUH?

MyUH Services is your one stop shop for all of UH's websites and programs. It includes important links such as UH Gmail, STAR, Laulima, and more!

How do I create a UH username?

Here is a video to assist you in creating a UH username.

Where can I find my UH ID number?

You can find your UH ID on your acceptance letter. It should be a 8-digit number in the top left.

What is Laulima?

Laulima is a UH service that many instructors use for their courses. They often post the class syllabus, class resources, assignments, discussions, announcements, etc. on here. For an overview on how to use Laulima, see this video.

Is the Health Clearance form mandatory?

Yes, the health clearance form must be submitted in order to take part in any on-campus activities, classes, meetings/assistance, and jobs. Most of our trades/CTE programs are meeting in person for classes and students will be required to submit their health clearances to attend. Currently, our Liberal Arts and general education classes are still being offered online.

Due to the pandemic, a Health Waiver hold will be automatically placed on your student account. This will restrict you to only online classes until the form is submitted. If you're looking to only take online classes for the semester, you may stick with the Health Waiver Hold.

What are the Health Clearance requirements?

For more information on health clearance requirements, visit this page.

Where can I get these tests done?

For most people, they've already taken these shots. You can contact your physician to complete the Health Clearance form to confirm that you've received these clearances or if you need to schedule an appointment to get these done.

For TB tests, you can also view this site for more info on testing locations.

Who do I turn this form into?

You may submit this form to our Admissions Office via UH File Drop.

Phone: 808-845-9129

Is placement mandatory?

Yes, placement is mandatory so you can be placed in the proper english and math classes. Other classes may also have placement pre-requisites as well.

What are my options for placement?

  • Input your past test scores (ex: ACT, SAT) and high school grades on the Self-Report form.
  • Submit your unofficial transcript.
  • Request your official transcript to be sent to our Admissions Office.
  • Transfer students need to have it sent directly to our Records Office.
  • Take the Accuplacer Exam at our Testing Center.
  • Take the online EdReady English and Math placement tests.

For more info on placement options, see this link.

How do I check if I have placement?

Please see this video on how to check for placement on STAR.

How can I view program prerequisites?

On our website, look for your program of study. When you get to your program's page, click View in College Catalog on the right of the page. You can find the prerequisite and placement info here.

Will my credits transfer from my previous school?

If you've attended any colleges outside of the UH-system and would like to see if your credits can transfer, you'll need to send your official transcripts directly to our Records Office along with a Transcript Evaluation Request Form.

HonCC Records Office
874 Dillingham Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96817

Who do I turn my form into?

For Self Report Forms and unofficial transcripts, you may submit them to our Admissions Office via UH File Drop.

Phone: 808-845-9129

For official transcripts, you'll need to send them directly to our Records Office.

HonCC Records Office
874 Dillingham Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96817

What is NSR? How do I sign up?

New Student Registration (NSR) is a mandatory virtual session for all incoming new students where you'll be meeting with our academic counselors to learn important info about college and resources on campus. You'll also be meeting your program counselor to schedule a later appointment where they'll help you register for classes. To sign up for an NSR session, visit this form.

When should I meet with my academic advisor?

You will meet your academic advisor at your NSR session. If you'd like to contact them before this, you can find their contact info on this page.

Here is a video explaining other important times to meet with an advisor.

I can't access the form! Why?

To access the NSR sign up form, you'll have to only be signed into your UH email. If you are signed into multiple accounts, you'll need to sign out of the others.

When is the payment deadline?

The Fall 2021 Payment deadline is August 19 at 4:00pm. If students can't pay in full by the deadline, they have the option to enroll in the Payment Plan. Students must either pay for their classes or enroll in the Payment Plan by the deadline or their classes may be dropped.

What are some important dates to remember?

Fall 2021 Important Dates

Deadline Date
Application Deadline August 8, 2021
Last Day to Pay Tuition and Fees August 19, 2021
Last Day to Register August 22, 2021
Last Day to Drop Class August 31, 2021

Where can I get books?

Due to COVID-19 and health and safety precautions, the Honolulu CC Bookstore is highly encouraging online purchases for all course materials through their website.

For any inquiries call 808-845-9105 or email

How do I use Laulima?

For an overview on how to use Laulima, see this video.

Where can I get a parking permit?

You can now purchase online at!

What if I'm taking in-person classes and need help on my first day?

Come visit us at our Welcome Back Tables! We'll be on the campus mall in front of building 18 under the tents. We can help with finding your way around campus and answer any questions you may have.

Where do I go for testing and tutoring?

Testing and Tutoring Center
Phone: (808) 845-9130

This is confusing and I need help! Where can I go?

Schedule an appointment to meet with us on STAR Balance!

STAR Balance

Phone: 808-845-9129

Phone: 808 845-9120

Financial Aid
Phone: 808-845-9116

Testing and Tutoring Center
Phone: (808) 845-9130