Know Your Rights

Know Your IX

You have rights under university policies & procedures, as well as rights under federal and state laws. In addition to the resources provided, we encourage you to contact our office for a more substantive discussion of the rights available to you.

You have the right to report the incident to someone at Honolulu Community College, where the college will investigate what happened, and resolve your complaint promptly and equitably.

You have the right to choose to report an incident of sexual violence to Campus Security or local law enforcement. A criminal investigation is separate and distinct from Honolulu Community College’s institutional response. These options are available simultaneously, and Honolulu Community College will cooperate with law enforcement agencies if a criminal investigation occurs. You have the right to report to both, one, or neither of these options, depending on your individual decision.

You have the right to access confidential campus resources. While some victims of sexual assault are ready to file a formal (or even public) complaint against an alleged offender right away, others may want time and privacy to sort through their next steps. Thus, these confidential resources are in place to provide victims with assistance while deciding how best to proceed. For a list of confidential campus resources available at Honolulu Community College, please go here.

What Does Consent Mean?