Student Conduct Code

It is a privilege to be a member of the Honolulu Community College community. This privilege provides the student with the opportunity to learn and participate in the many programs that are offered on campus. Along with that privilege, the individual is expected to be responsible in relationships with others and to respect the special interests of the institution. These special interests are fully set forth in the UH System’s Student Conduct Code. Information, advice, or a copy of the code may be obtained from the Office of the Dean of Student Services, Building 6, 2nd floor.

One or more of the following sanctions may be imposed whenever a student is found to have violated any of the rules contained in this code: warning, probation, restitution, temporary suspension, suspension, expulsion, or rescission of grades or degrees.

E7.208 - University Of Hawaii Systemwide Student Conduct Code

Honolulu CC Student Conduct Code Procedures