Automatic Admission to UH Universities

Automatic Admission is an initiative that allows UH System community college students to transition directly to a four-year university without having to pay the application fee.

Criteria for Automatic Admission

  • 2.0 cumulative GPA or above for all post-secondary institutions for residents
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA or above for all post-secondary institutions for non-residents
  • Students who have not earned a bachelor's degree
  • Students who are not already at a 4-year institution
  • Students who are currently suspended or dismissed from the 4-year institution
  • Students who are in their final semester of an Associate degree program (see below)

Eligible Degrees for Automatic Admission

Automatic Admission Deadlines

Automatic Admission offers are made once a semester excluding summer. Students are given a total of 3 opportunities for the Automatic Admission offer.

Semester Offers Sent via UH Email Deadline to Accept Offer
For Spring Semester September 1 October 1
For Fall Semester February 1 March 1


1. Check your UH Email for the offer of automatic admission.

2. Log into STAR to accept your offer by the deadline.

Email and at Subject write "Auto Admission".

NOTE: International students & students applying to a program with an earlier deadline should apply through the standard process first, then accept the Automatic Admission offer.