Operations and Maintenance

As an integral part of Honolulu Community College's Facilities Management, the Operations and Maintenance Department's mission is to support and encourage the ideals of student and employee success by providing a safe and conducive educational and working environment as appropriate to industry and workplace safety standards, by providing positive, dependable, timely and friendly services while complying with all Federal, State and University of Hawaii regulations, by communicating accurate and appropriate information to enable all to be well informed of all occurrences on campus and throughout the UH System and by setting the example on campus by being positive role models, mentors and a source of continuous improvement.

The Operations and Maintenance Department is responsible for the provision of janitorial, landscaping and maintenance services for the Honolulu Community College's buildings and grounds including the cleaning of buildings, the collection and disposal of refuse, maintenance of buildings, grounds, walkways, roadways, and limited recycling activities. O&M's three working groups are:

Consists of fifteen (15) full-time Janitors, one (1) Supervisor, and one (1) Working Supervisor. This working group provides janitorial services which include the cleaning of offices, classrooms, laboratories, restrooms, hallways/corridors, elevators and stairwells and recycling activities. Carpet cleaning is also provided on a regular schedule. Additional services include the transfer of furniture and equipment on campus, the delivery of bulky packages and miscellaneous items on campus and the setup of campus events.

Janitorial Task Interval Requirements [PDF]

Consists of three (3) full-time Groundskeepers and one (1) Working Supervisor. The Landscaping working group provides landscape maintenance and maintains our walkways and parking lots. Additional services include the movement of outdoor furniture and providing assistance in setting up outdoor events.

Groundskeeper Tasks and Standards [PDF]

Consists of two (2) full-time Building Maintenance Workers and two (2) General Laborers. The Maintenance working group provides minor building maintenance which include painting and minor Building repairs. Major repairs or license required activities are contracted out. The General Laborer position assists both the Landscaping and Maintenance Services.

Facilities Management Org Chart [PDF]

All teams have demonstrated an exceptional ability to respond to many events and to resolve emergency situations or correct oversights. We possess many talented individuals with diverse skills, age, ethnicity, and experience and are willing to try new things, are open to change and are constantly working on improving services on campus. O&M has embraced technology and is making progress in training our employees to use some of the latest techniques in communication and in converting our service requests to electronic formats.