Catalog Addendum

This Catalog Addendum contains new and updated information, as well as errors that require corrections in the College Catalog. The Catalog Addendum can be used by students, faculty, staff and for individuals inquiring about Honolulu Community College's policies and procedures that may have changed or corrected, after the publication of the College Catalog.

2020-2021 Catalog Addendum

MUS 107 Global & Multicultural Perspectives (FG) Requirement Group

2019-2020 Catalog Addendum

HAW 261 (CRN 20156) DL Designation

2017-2018 Catalog Addendum

RP 12.203 - Right to Investigate and Disseminate

UHCCP #5.211 - Statement on Professional Ethics

EP 5.211 - Policy For Responding to Allegations of Research and Scholarly Misconduct

EP 9.201 - Faculty and Staff Renewal and Vitality Directive