Academic Probation

You're on Academic Probation - Now What???

Take a deep breath! Being on Academic Probation can be overwhelming and our Academic Counselors are here to help you get the skills and support you need to get you back on track.

What Is Academic Probation?

If your cumulative grade-point average (GPA) falls below 2.0, you will be placed on academic probation.

Your cumulative GPA consists of all semesters combined at Honolulu Community College.

This does not include grades from other campuses.

What Do I Need To Do Now?

Step 1: Once you receive your Academic Probation letter, schedule an appointment with your Academic Counselor through STAR Balance or call 808-845-9162.

Directions how to schedule an appointment through STAR Balance: (Phone and Zoom Meeting appointments only)

  1. Go to STAR Balance & log in with your username and password.
  2. Use the left-side panel to view the advising services options available.
  3. Select HON-Counseling.
  4. Select the Advisor Drop Down Menu.
  5. Select the academic counselor you would like to schedule with.
  6. Complete the pop-up form with information about your advising appointment.
  7. An email confirmation will be sent to your UH Email Account.

Step 2: Create a "Get Back on Track" Success Plan with your Academic Counselor to formulate steps and develop a plan to overcome academic barriers.

Step 3: After your appointment with your Academic Counselor, you will be required to schedule a follow up appointment mid-semester to check on your progress.