College Service & Class Projects

Masons, September 2016
Donated and applied a second slip resistant coating product on ceramic tile library/elevator ground floor entryway.

Masons, September 2016
Donated and replaced broken and missing ceramic tiles in entryway to one of the Apprenticeship offices in Building 4.

Masons, August 2016
Donated and applied a slip resistant coating on ceramic tile library/elevator ground floor entryway.

Painters, April 2016
Prepared walls and painted Student Lounge (Building 2).

Painters, Spring 2016
Painted and re-painted lines in parking lots and fire lanes.

Masons, February 2016
Created and placed concrete stops along HCC/PK Elementary School boundary to divert rain run off from the School to the storm drain and to prevent flooding of the Welding Shop.

Masons, February 2016
Excavated, prepared and poured concrete slab behind the Print Shop to prevent flooding of the Print Shop.

Painters, Fall 2015 and Spring 2016
Prepared walls and painted a number of classrooms and common spaces within Building 14 including restrooms, stair wells, hallway and 14-111A & 14-111B.

Masons, November 2015
Prepared and filled in nine 4'X4' tree "planters" on the Mall to enable unimpeded access by emergency vehicles.

Painters (ABC), October 2015
Painted the dumpster enclosure and cafeteria kitchen entryway.

Glaziers, September 2015
Donated and replaced shattered pane of glass on cafeteria store front.

Carpenters, September 2015
Removed shattered pane of glass in cafeteria store front and temporarily boarded up the window.

Electricians (Local 1186), September 2015
Diagnosed and remedied no lights problem in four offices on the 6th floor of Building 7.

Painters, May 2015
Painted eaves and ceiling of Plasterers' pavilion that is located in the back of Building 12.

Masons, April 2015
Extended a section of red brick in Laura Ruby's sculpture between Buildings 2 and 7.

Masons, March and April 2015
Prepared area and poured approximately 8 cubic yards of concrete in front of AMT building to simplify maintenance and create spaces for picnic tables.

Electricians (Local 1186), February 2015
Replaced three old night lights on the exterior of Building 4 with LED fixtures.

Carpenters, February 2015
Removed and replaced termite damaged walls on Mala storage shed.

Painters (ABC), January 2015
Painted Building 4 Ewa-side and Mauka-side walls.

Painters (ABC), January 2015
Re-painted Apprenticeship Office outer wall and raised sign.

Tapers, December 2014
Donated all materials and taped and finished 2'X2' plumbing access panel that was cut into Apprenticeship Office kitchen wall.

Plumbers (ABC), November 2014
Provided materials and repaired leaking copper pipe in Parking Lot 3. Also, donated and replaced a leaking water bib outside of Building 14, Room 114 (Masons' Shop).

Masons, November 2014
Placed concrete piles along the Kokea Street entrances to campus to prevent cars from parking too close to the edges of the driveways. When cars are parked too close to the driveway, drivers exiting the campus don't have a clear view of oncoming traffic on Kokea Street and risk collisions.

Drywall, September 2014
Replaced water damaged and discolored acoustic ceiling tiles in Building 14, Room 212.

Painters, January 2013 - September 2014
Prepped, donated the paint and painted Building 14, Rooms 103A, 103B, 111A and 212.

Electricians (IBEW), September 2014
Installed power switch to air exhaust system in the Building 14, Room 106 (drywall lab) to enable occupants to turn on the exhaust system without going next door to flip the switch.

Masons, September 2014
To remedy tripping hazards, numerous red brick pavers that are located directly beyond the Student Lounge makai entrance (under The Pub) were removed and re-set.

Plumbers (ABC), September 2014
Installed drinking fountain in Building 2 first floor breezeway and assessed functioning of existing fountains on the second to sixth floors.

Painters (ABC), April 2014
Painted Building 5 upstairs walkway walls.

Electricians (Local 1186), April 2014
Diagnosed no power problem with lamp poles across campus.

Floor Layers, April 2014
Provided all materials and re-floored TRIO classroom in Building 3.

Glaziers, March 2014
Completely serviced all cafeteria doors.

Glaziers, March 2014
Serviced and attempted to repair locking mechanisms in double glass doors - Building 27 front and back doors. Components were too old to repair.

Plumbers (ABC), March 2014
Repaired two malfunctioning faucets in Building 4 men's restroom.

Glaziers, March 2014
Serviced and attempted to repair locking mechanisms in double glass doors - back entrance to Building 7. Components were too old to repair.

Plumbers (ABC), February 2014
Repaired leaking copper pipe and installed shut off valve in masons training area (wall) in Lot 3.

Electricians (Local 1186), February 2014
Re-connected power line to classroom building in the carpentry yard.

Electricians (Local 1186), February 2014
Traced and removed unused electrical lines in Building 12.

Carpenters, January 2014
Installed extended support for protruding AC unit on Building 72B walkway to mitigate head bumping hazard.

Masons, January, February, March, April 2014
Removed old and damaged curbs and poured new ones in Lot 3.

Floor Layers, November 2013
Cleaned, prepped and re-set dislodged piece of rubber floor covering in Building 4 entrance.

Floor Layers, November 2013
Cleaned, prepped and replaced damaged tile in TRIO Office in Building 3.

Painters, November 2013
Primed and painted hallway outside of Building 2, Room 609 where the drywall had been repaired.

Painters, October and November 2013
Prepped and painted two 12'X4.5' SeaFlight plastic seating modules.

Carpenters, October 2013
Installed deadbolt locks on men's and women's restrooms in Building 4.

Painters(ABC), October 2013
Painted Bldg. 5 courtyard walkway pillars and Dillingham Blvd. side walls of cafeteria and Bldg. 4.

Masons, October 2013
Repaired 30' of curb in Lot 3 in front of the Carpentry Shop.

Masons, September 2013
Repaired large hole in Maintenance/Print Shop driveway.

Painters (Local 179), April 2013
Prepped and painted Rooms 103 A and 103B in Building 14.

Masons, April 2013
Installed 4" conduit in Building 20 CMU wall for computer lines to be passed through from one room to the next. Conduit donated by Hawaiʻi Electricians (Local 1186).

Masons, March 2013
Formed and poured concrete in dirt area fronting Building 14 to remedy soil run off problem caused by rain.

Painters (ABC), March 2013
Prepped and painted the front exteriors of Buildings 8/9, 13, 16 and 18.

Masons, February 2013
Formed and poured curbs to divert water from Mala storage building.

Masons, December 2012
Installed a new chain post at Lot 2 mauka entrance - original had been knocked over by a truck.

Masons, November 2012
Prepped, formed and poured concrete pad for Print Shop split AC unit.

Masons, November 2012
Plastered the CMU wall that was earlier erected.

Masons, October 2012
Built 6'X30' CMU wall in the back of Building 14 which will serve as a portion of the enclosure for the Tech 1 sustainable garden.

Painters (ABC), October 2012
Primed and painted Building 12, Room 102.

Painters (ABC), September 2012
Primed and painted the plywood construction wall/barrier on the mall-side of Building 7.

Painters (ABC), September 2012
Primed and re-painted the shelter/pick up area that is located in the front of Building 7.

Masons, August 2012
Dug and poured foundation/support for pole supporting green house photo voltaic panel.

Painters (ABC), April 2012
Caulked and painted the PCATT storage building on the Kokea site.

Masons, April 2012
Layed out, formed and poured concrete ramps for the PCATT storage building on the Kokea site and east-side steps of Building 45.

Carpenters, March 2012
Built wooden dexterity and sizes exercise "toy" for Childcare Center.

Sheet Metal, March 2012
Welded nut and bolt dexterity and sizes exercise "toy" for Childcare Center.

Masons, February-April 2012
Prepared site and poured curb and slab in the back of Bldg. 14 to create space for sustainable garden and Welding Dept. waste metal bins.

Roofers , March 2012
Roofed Consruction Academy storage structure.

Masons, March 2012
Formed and poured a curb along the mauka-side wall of the Mala storage to divert rain water and eliminate flooding.

Masons, February and March 2012
Remedied water puddling problem in Gopal's green house by installing ceramic tile on the floors.

Drywall Installers, February 2012
Cleaned out Building 12 - debris from other classes and what had accumulated over the years.

Plumbers, February 2012
Hooked up instant water heater for Apprenticeship Office kitchen sink.

Roofers, February 2012
Roofed PCATT storage on Kokea property.

Carpenters, November 2011 - April 2012
Constructed and erected steel frame PCATT storage on Kokea property.

Masons, November 2011
Ordered and distributed gravel around the Mala with Bobcat. Gravel will be used to create work areas and pathways.

Drywall Installers, October 2011
Installed acoustic drop ceiling in Bldg. 12, Rm. 101

Carpenters, October 2011
Removed termite eaten door jamb, installed new jamb and re-hung door in Bldg. 12, Rm. 101 - Elevator Mechanics' workspace.

Painters (ABC), October 2011
Painted exterior front of Building 12.

Masons, October 2011
Poured slab and curb for Kokea Training Center storage building.

Carpenters, October 2011
Constructed a concrete form for Kokea Training Center storage building.

Masons, August-October, 2011
Formed and poured 200+ feet of curb along the parking Lot 3 Dillingham perimeter.

Carpenters, September 2011
Constructed, erected and dismantled stage for OSHA 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Masons, August 2011
Removed, prepared and re-set red brick in Mise en Scene sculpture/ art work.

Masons, July-November 2011
Prepared wall and applied plaster (Venetian- style) to hallways in Apprenticeship Office hallways.

Masons, May 2011
Ground, prepared and sealed cracks in Mise en Scene sculpture/ art work to prevent further water damage.

Glaziers, May 2011
Donated and cut two pieces of reinforced glass to replace broken panes in AERO facility.

Roofers, April 2011
Roofed (singly ply) the Mala storage building.

Carpenters, April - May 2011
Framed, sheathed and finished Mala storage building.

Masons, April 2011
Formed and poured slab for Mala storage building.

Masons, March 2011
Used bobcat to help move/distribute moss rock as Mala wall was constructed.

Painters (ABC), March 2011
Prepped and painted a classroom in Building 71.

Painters (ABC), February -March 2011
Prepped and painted exterior (courtyard side) of Building 71.

Masons, February 2011
Continued forming and pouring a curb that runs the length of Buildings 20 and 24.

Masons, January 2011
Formed and poured slab and curb along east end of Bldg. 12 (across Welding Shop) to create a cemented area for roll offs when they are brought on campus.

Carpenters, November 2010
Removed base cabinets, counter tops and wall cabinets in Bldg. 2, Rm. 316 in preparation for a room remodel.

Plumbers and Fitters (RC-A), November 2010
Replaced two fans and fan motors in the Bldg.4, Rm 23B central air conditioning unit.

Plumbers (ABC), November 2010
Disconnected plumbing, removed sinks and dismantled cabinets in Bldg. 2, Rm. 316 in preparation for a room remodel.

Roofers, November 2010
Roofed (fiberglass shingle) the new Kokea storage building.

Masons, November 2010
Excavated, formed and poured curb and gutter along the backside of Bldg. 24 (between driveway and planter).

Masons, October 2010
Added two steps to Kokea Training Center steps landing to remedy a potential fall/tripping hazard.

Masons, October 2010
Formed and poured a slab to extend old Kokea Apts. foundation to create more storage and workspace for classes.

Carpenters, September - December 2010
Designed and erected a steel frame storage building next to the Kokea Training Center.

Masons, September 2010
Poured a two piece concrete cover for the greenhouse sump.

Masons, September 2010
Plastered a CMU wall on the outside (Waikiki end) of the Bldg. 2 breezeway to prep for the new MELE sign.

Masons, September 2010
Fixed extreme tripping hazards in Bldg. 20 walkways (mall side) which were caused by tree roots.

Drywall, August 2010
Repaired sagging acoustic ceiling tiles runners in Bldg. 7, Rm. 433.

Masons, August 2010
Poured and finished fiberous concrete slab where the dumpster enclosure used to be and poured small slab between the incinerator lot pedestrian gate and asphalt driveway.

Carpenters, August 2010
Trimmed bottom of doors in new Hawaiian Center (new carpet) and rehung doors.

Masons, August 2010
Demolished CMU dumpster enclosure between Bldgs. 2 and 6 and prepared the site for concrete pour.

Masons, May 2010
Poured pervious concrete sidewalk along Gopal's green house with Carpentry 22 class.

Masons, May 2010
Formed and poured driveway from incinerator lot to Kokea portables.

Masons, April 2010
Formed and poured sidewalk for Kokea portables.

Masons, April 2010
Formed and poured two small slabs in Gopal's pump house.

Masons, April 2010
Plastered CMU retaining wall in front of Gopal's greenhouse.

Masons, April 2010
Erected CMU retaining wall in front of Gopal's greenhouse.

Masons, March 2010
Formed and poured slab for Gopal's greenhouse with Carpentry 22 class.

Masons, January 2010
Prepared, formed and poured concrete slab behind Building 12 for Plasterers' training.

Masons, January, February, March and April 2010
Prepared, formed and poured curb and driveway between Buildings 8 and 13.

Floor Layers, January 2010
Removed old carpet and donated and installed new carpet in Apprenticeship Conference Room.