A parking permit is required to park in any lot on campus. No parking pass is required during breaks, summer, and non-instructional days.


Please park in visitor parking (lot 4) in front of building 6 (Administration). Entrance to this parking lot is located at the intersection of Dillingham Boulevard and Alakawa street. Please pay the parking attendant $0.35 per hour. A parking attendant is available on Monday through Fridays from 7:45 AM to 3:00 PM. A parking pass is required to park in that lot outside of those hours.

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Course and Event Participants

If you are registered for a course or event, you are eligible for a parking pass for the applicable dates. If you have not received a parking pass, contact the Continuing Education Office 5 business days prior to the start of your course.

Parking Application

Fill out the parking portion of the registration form if you are applying for a parking permit. A complimentary parking permit will be mailed to participants who register 5 business days before the start of class. Participants requesting parking who register within 5 days of the start of class may pick up their parking permit from the instructor on the first day of class.

Lost Passes and Parking Fines

Replacement of lost or forgotten parking passes is charged at $1.00 per day. Individuals who receive parking tickets are expected to pay the appropriate fine.

Handicap Parking

Individuals with a Honolulu CC parking pass and a State of Hawaiʻi handicap parking placard may park in any handicap stall in any lot.