Cultural, Educational & Service Learning Events

As an TRIO-SSS/Honolulu CC college student, you are very fortunate to be part of a higher education instiution promoting academic success. What makes it more special is that Hawaiʻi in itself is a very culturally diverse state with lots of history, culture and language. Because of our diverse environment, the TRIO-SSS offers educational and cultural opportunites to our eligible participants.

All Cultural and Educational Events are FREE to all active eligible TRIO-SSS students. If you are interested in attending any one of these events, please be sure to come in and sign up on the list. All events are on a first come first serve basis.

Sponsored by the TRIO-SSS, Honolulu Community College.

Download/View Fall 2017 Student Success Center IKEA Workshop Series [PDF]

Download/View Fall 2017 TRIO-SSS Calendar of Events [PDF]